Archived News Items

Young Rugby Players Star at Suncorp Stadium 13 June 2014

In a pre-match Rugby Union opener to the main Wallabies v France game last Saturday evening, a group of A.B. Paterson College students playing for the Under 10 Griffith University Knights Rugby Union team took to the turf of Suncorp Stadium against Ormiston College and won three tries to two.

A winning night all round! Well done boys!



Performing Arts Showcase 13 June 2014

Following the postponement of our Musical for 2014 (now 8-11 October), we are delighted to invite you to a Performing Arts evening to be held at the Dunlop Multi-Purpose Centre at 6:00pm on Tuesday, 17 June.

All students in Years 1, 2 and 3 will be involved (as members of their year level choirs), as will all other choral students from Years 4-12. Members of various instrumental and dance ensembles will also be showcasing their talents. 

We look forward to welcoming you to a wonderful evening of entertainment to celebrate your child’s learning journey in the Arts.


Muddy Athletics to Precision Gymnastics to Basketball Award ! 6 June 2014

Gold Coast Mini Mudd Rush

Congratulations to Brooke Whittington (Year 6), Abigail Jones (Year 7) and Benjamin Jones (Year 8)

Brooke, Abigail and Benjamin participated in the first Gold Coast Mini Mudd Rush last weekend. They completed a 5km obstacle course, crawling through tunnels, climbing over hay bales, jumping into ice baths and working through a maze – with lots of mud along the way! 


Australian Gymnastics Championships

Congratulations to Akina Kinja of Year 6S

Akina competed at Australian Gymnastics Championships, in Melbourne last week. 

She achieved 2nd place in Level 8 Acrobatic Gymnastics. Well done Akina!



Basketball – Best Defender Award

Congratulations to Charlotte Boyd of Year 6.


The Seahawks Gold Coast Basketball Club held their representative awards night last Saturday night. Charlotte, who played in the U12 Girls’ team, received the award for ‘Best Defender’ in her team for the season. Well done Charlotte!


 ...Or Sport! 30 May 2014

Jared de Vries (Year 11) has been selected to represent the Queensland Schools Water Polo Team, when they compete in the National Schools Water Polo Championships in Noosa, from 2-6 June 2014.  Congratulations, Jared!


 At the Warwick Pentath-Run, on Saturday, 24 May, Dylan Foote (Year 4) ran a 4.6km cross country race. Dylan placed 3rd in the under 10 year boys, in a time of 26:04.93.  Well done Dylan!


It's All About the Music! 30 May 2014

Congratulations to Aric Kruger (Year 10), Isobella Kruger (Year 8) and Breeanna Lavin (Year 10)  Aric, Isobella and Breeanna performed at the Queensland Vocal Competition last Sunday, which was held at Brisbane Girls' Grammar School.   

Performances by all three students were of an excellent standard and Isobella was awarded a third place in the Junior division. 

 The big winner of the day, though, was Aric Kruger who took out a first place in the Intermediate division. An amazing result! Well done Aric!



Congratulations to Maya Bose (Year 5)

 Maya received the following awards at MTAQ Composers’ Competition last weekend in Gold Coast:

10 years Composer’s Award: 1st Place

Open Junior 17 years and under Audio Visual composer’s Award: 1st place 

Dulcie Holland Award to a Junior



State Philosothon 23 May 2014

On Saturday, 17 May, eight of our most outstanding Year 10 and 11 students attended the State Philosothon at the University of Queensland. 

Philosothon is a programme designed to develop the ability of students to critically analyse ideas and concepts, improve skills in argumentation and to collaboratively explore philosophical issues. The Philosothon has developed a significant profile over the last few years both nationally and internationally. Private and state schools compete, and participants are judged on the quality of their synthesis, their ability to develop ideas collaboratively, and to use the methodology of philosophy to think critically about issues. 

A.B. Paterson College representatives for 2014 were: Bryan Parsons, Erika Spanos, Emily Selleck, Thuvarakan Muthukkumarasamy, Sheridan Tapsall, Benjamin Devine, Malak Habib and Mohanapiriyan Muthukkumarasamy.

We all enjoyed it so much that we are looking to start a Philosophy Club!



Senior Cross Country Runners Win 2014 APS Percentage Trophy 23 May 2014

Congratulations to our dedicated Cross Country runners, who proudly represented the College at the recent APS Cross Country Carnival.

The highlight of the day was the winning of the Percentage Trophy by our Senior Cross Country team who placed fourth on aggregate.

Team and individual results can be seen below. Well done to all athletes who ran as  members of the A.B. Paterson College Senior and Junior Cross Country squads.

Senior Individual Age Champions:                                     

Harley Nielsen  3rd place 13 Years  

Stephanie Hall  2nd place 14 Years

Shiraz Mulholland 3rd place 16 Years

Tess Maddison 2nd place Open Girls

Nicolas Swanson 2nd place Open Boys

Liam Davidson 3rd place Open Boys 

Senior Team Age Champions:

13 Year Boys 3rd place

14 Year Girls 2nd place


Open Girls 1st place





Open Boys 1st place

Overall Girls 3rd place

Overall Boys 4th place

Overall Aggregate 4th place

Percentage Trophy 1st place 

Junior Individual Age Champions: 

Jasper Fitzgerald 3rd place 9 Years

Oliver Cronin 2nd place 12 Years

Junior Team Age Champions:

9 Year Girls –  2nd place

12 Year Boys –  2nd place

Overall Girls –  7th place 

Overall Boys –  6th place

Overall Aggregate –  7th place

Percentage Trophy –  8th place



A World of Toys - Yesterday and Today  16 May 2014

History in Year 2 involves students analysing aspects of daily life to identify how some have changed over recent time, while others have remained the same. They compare objects from the past and present.

 The challenge students were set was to interview someone in their family (perhaps mum, dad, grandparent, aunty or uncle) about their favourite toy when they were a child. Draw a picture of it and tell the class all about the toy.

It was amazing to see the variety of toys, listen to the children proudly share the memories the toys evoked, and learn all about a range of very different toys to those the children enjoy today. This was a wonderful springboard to begin discussions on how technology has impacted daily life.

Student comments

·       My dad made this toy car from wood when he was 11. His brother, Uncle Col, made one too. They loved to play with them. I liked the idea so much, I made my own boat out of wood. I love to play with it. 

·       My mum loved this 1970’s 3D puzzle called a Rubik’s Cube. Do you know how many faces on a cube? Yes – 6 is correct. To play you need to twist the rows and try to get each face the one colour. The goal was to see who could solve the puzzle the quickest. It was very tricky.


Leonardo's Legacy Lives On!  16 May 2014

A.B. Paterson College hosted the da Vinci Decathlon as the State Chapter School in Queensland for students in Years 5-10. 64 teams from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba all competed in the Decathlon over the three day event.  

 The da Vinci Decathlon began in 2005 as an exciting offshoot of the very successful da Vinci Programme for gifted and talented students at Knox Grammar School in Sydney. The Decathlon is designed to celebrate the academic gifts of Australian youth, by providing a stimulating and challenging competition run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon.

Unlike an Olympic decathlon, this event is a team challenge. Divided into three sessions, each session offers problems/tasks/challenges over a number of categories. Teams decide how they want to approach the activity, pooling their collective talents, and thinking laterally and collaboratively.

 The tasks are exciting, enriching and challenging with a particular emphasis on higher order thinking skills, offering students the opportunity to test their capacity to think critically, make quick accurate judgements to problem solve, whilst respecting the intellect of others in their team.

 The ten academic events are: Mathematics; English; Science; Philosophy; Code Breaking; Engineering Challenge; Creative Producers; Art and Poetry; Cartography; and General Knowledge.

 This very prestigious opportunity is one of the highlights of the Gifted and Talented programme at A.B. Paterson College. 

 We are very proud to announce that both our Year 7 and Year 10 teams have been invited to attend the National competitions in Sydney during the June holidays. It is also wonderful to note, we had many successes for the College:

Year 5 Team:  3rd place

Year 6 Team:  2nd place

Year 8 Team: 1st place




South East District Rep Soccer Trials

Congratulations to Jessica Hornabrook of Year 7.

Jessica competed at the South East District Rep Soccer Trials on Tuesday. She was selected in the team to represent the South Coast Sport Region, at the State Championships in Mt Isa, in July.

Well done Jessica and good luck in your training!


South Coast Regional Hockey 12 Years and Under 

Three students from the College have been selected for the South Coast Regional Hockey, 12 years and under teams, to participate in the State Championships in Brisbane, from 19–22 June.

Congratulations to Ashton Price (Year 5), Annise Bradfield (Year 6) and Monique Charlton (Year 7),who have been selected following the recent Regional Championships. Special congratulations to Ashton, as he is only turning 10 this year.

Best wishes to Jessica, Ashton, Annise and Monique as they head towards the State Championshiops in their respective sports.



And the Gold Medal is awarded to ....  9 May 2014

Current Divisional National Champion, Xavier Menezes-Whitikia, who competed at the NZ Taekwondo Open in Auckland over the 3-4 May weekend, where the Year 6 student won the gold medal  for sparring in his division.

Xavier represented Taekwondo Queensland at this event. Even though it was a National NZ tournament, there were competitors from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania present, as well as international competitors from Tonga and New Caledonia.

Xavier has been training in Taekwondo for five years; he first started by attending College classes on Tuesdays after school.  He is currently a Grade 1 belt and will be grading for his black belt in December.

He has represented Queensland at national competitions since 2011, and is the current National Champion in his division, having won Nationals in Melbourne in September 2013.

Xavier trains five times a week, mainly at the Muirs Club in Helensvale, as well as specialist training in Brisbane and Currumbin.

He is now aiming to train hard for Australian Nationals later this year, and his next main goal is to represent Australia at the US Open in February 2015.

We wish Xavier well as he reaches for that goal of representing Australia in 2015, following what we all hope will be a successful campaign in the Australian Nationals.


National Youth Archery Championships - 2 May 2014

Congratulations to Tristan Cargill, Year 10, who competed at the National Youth Archery Championships that were held in Adelaide, from the 14-19th April 2014. Tristan’s results for his division (Intermediate Compound Male) were as follows:

Individual Results
Target Championships     Gold Medal - New Australian record
Matchplay Championships    Gold Medal
Clout Championships     Silver Medal
Field Championships     Silver Medal

Overall Result:
First Place in Compound Male Division at State Team Championships – South Queensland Team

Tristan has also been selected as part of the Australian Team for the Trans-Tasman Challenge to be held in September 2014.

Below Tristan tells us more about his sport of archery.

"The National Youth Archery Championships (NYAC) is the biggest competition in Australia for the whole year and was held in Adelaide this year. Australia’s finest archers under 20 years of age gathered over the period of a week and participated in the four different disciplines of FITA archery; target, match play, field and clout. Around 150 archers from across the different disciplines and divisions competed in the Nationals this year.

"The main bow types are Compound and Recurve. The Recurve bow is the closest to the original type of bow for shooting, the longbow. It features a curved set of limbs and a single string.  A Compound bow mainly consists of strings and cables intertwined through 2 cam modules at the top and bottom of the bow, making the bow really accurate and extremely fast. I personally shoot a compound bow. 

"Each discipline male/female and bow type in archery requires a different skill set in order to be successful. For instance, the target event requires that the archers compete in a set of four different distances on different sized target faces.

"This  varies from the discipline of field archery, where the competitors walk a course, shooting three arrows at one set distance target and size face, and then moving on to a different distance to shoot the next set of arrows.

"Clout archery is a style of archery where arrows are fired up into the air, so that they can land on a target laid on the ground, ranging from 125m away to 180m depending on your age category. It relates back to medieval times where archers would fire arrows into the air, which would arc downwards to hit the enemy.

"Lastly, the most exciting event in the archery nationals is match-play. Here, the individuals are placed in a ‘knock-out’ event until one winner remains based on their score in each match. The winner of this match will then advance onto a higher ranked competitor until only four competitors are left on the field in a category; also divided into male and female, competing for the gold, silver and bronze medals. This style of archery is usually the favourite discipline of most archers, as it is a nail biting fight for the medal against a fellow competitor.  

"There is fierce competition between the states and this year Queensland placed 1st in Recurve and 3rd in Compound. Also, the NYAC is the only opportunity in the year to attempt National Tournament Records. Some of these records have remained unbeaten for many years, and it is a truly special event when a new record is set. The team for the Trans-Tasman Challenge is selected with reference to the scores obtained at the NYAC.  

"Archery is a sport that requires physical stamina and a strong mental attitude. In order to succeed in archery, one must first be able to overcome one’s mental challenges in the sport and, secondly, be able to have the devotion to train many days a week in order to achieve the best results possible. Archery is a sport I can highly recommend. Lots of healthy sun and fresh air, physical exertion and good company. "

We thank Tristan for his insight into his chosen sport and wish hm all the very best as he trains and prepares for the Trans-Tasman Challenge in September, as a member of the Australian team. A truly remarkable and well-deserved achievement.


National Women’s Baseball Championships - 2 May 2014

Congratulations to Brooke Musty of Year 9, who represented Queensland in the Under 15 Women’s Baseball Team, which competed at the National Championships over the holidays in Wollongong.

Brooke played the significant positions of First Base and Pitcher in the State team which placed third overall. Brooke has been playing baseball for eight years and this great result is well deserved.

Brooke is passionate about her sport. “It’s cool!” she says.

Her interest in Baseball began as far back as Kindy when she joined a team who were playing Tee-Ball. As Tee-Ball became Baseball, many of the girls in the team did not continue with the sport, so Brooke found herself as the only girl in her team from Under 12s onwards. The Queensland team playing at the National competition was, however, all girls.

Brooke plays for Runaway Bay, whose fields are at Paradise Point where she trains twice a week, supplementing that training at home with her father at other times. It was through her club that the Queensland Baseball Association informed players about a Queensland team entering the Nationals. Brooke went to Brisbane, where baseball is very popular, to try-out for the state team. These trials saw 20+ girls selected as a squad, with 17 of these players chosen to attend the national competition in Wollongong.

Brooke was a designated pitcher and first base player for the team, but all players had to step up and pitch due to competition restrictions.

“We are only allowed to pitch about 50 balls and, over the two days, we are only allowed to pitch once. As we played two games a day, we needed at least two pitchers a day, so everyone had to step up and pitch, “explains Brooke.

 This is the last year that Brooke can play in the U15s and next year, she will try out for the Opens.

“It is unusual for anyone my age to make the team, but I am managing my expectations! I will definitely train and try out,” says Brooke.

But what of the future? Well, Brooke plans to play on and take her chosen sport as far as she can, then play in her club’s over 25s.

Well done, Brooke! Your love for your sport is wonderful, and we wish you all the best in future competitions.


Sensational Student Successes - 25 April 2014

Congratulations to Dariya Gorshechnikova-Illich of Year 8

Dariya competed in her first Synchronised Swimming championships at the 2014 Synchronised Swimming Australian Open and Age Group Championships, held at the Sleeman Sports Complex in Brisbane, 11-14 April 2014.

Dariya and her five girl team took out first place in the 13, 14 and 15 years team routines at the Australian Open. The five girls are now Australian Champions for their age and grade division.

Dariya represented the Gold Coast Mermaids; a Gold Coast based Synchronised Swimming Club.



Bundaberg Eisteddfod

 Congratulations to Breeanna Lavin of Year 10 and Hayley Lavin of Year 5

 Breeanna and Hayley competed at the Bundaberg Eisteddfod during the holidays. The Bundaberg Eisteddfod is a regional competition with 1,500 competitors from Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, Rockhampton and Emerald, to name but a few.

 Breeanna achieved 1st place in the 15 years Song and Dance competition.

 Hayley achieved 1st place in Classical Improvisation, 2nd place in Slow Modern, 2nd place in Jazz, 3rd place in Classical, 3rd place in Song and Tap and Highly Commended in Demi Character. Hayley's scores qualified her for the Classical Championship, where only five from her age group qualified. She was a finalist in this section also. To reach this level at her age is a huge achievement. Hayley was also featured in the Bundaberg newspaper pictured below.



Gymnastics & Basketball Successes 3 April 2014

Regional Gymnastics Championships

Congratulations to Jack Burt of Year 6 and David Tanner of Year 7.

Last month, Jack and David competed in the South East Queensland Regional Gymnastics Championship for MAG Level 8U and Level 7U at Brisbane Grammar School.

Jack is in Level 7U and competed on all six apparatus. He achieved a Silver Medal for High Bar and a Bronze Medal for Floor and Parallel Bar. His combined score ranked him in second place overall in the competition.

David is Level 8U and competed on all six apparatus. He achieved a Gold Medal for Parallel Bar and Rings and a Silver Medal for High Bar, Vault and Floor. His combined score ranked him second place overall in the competition.

Jack and David are training hard in preparation for the State Championships this weekend.  Good luck to Jack and David!

Basketball Grand Finals

Congratulations to Jake de Silva of Year 7
Jake is a passionate basketball player, both at school and at his local Clippers club, who are part of the Seahawks Gold Coast Basketball Association. His team recently won the U14 Boys’ Club Grand Final Championships.

Jake was the highest scorer for the Seahawks Gold Coast Basketball Association, averaging 25 points per game and over 350 points this season. In addition, Jake plays representative basketball, and he and his team are heading to Cairns in April for the State Championships. They qualified at district level, as runners up in the Basketball Queensland Junior Basketball Competition (BQJBC), conceding defeat by just 1 point, in an action packed finals game. Well done Jake!



Little Athletics State Championships - Cairns - 21-23 March

Congratulations to Emma Downey of Year 9

Emma competed at the Little Athletics State Championships in Cairns last Friday and reached the finals in all her events (100m, 200m, 400m, 80m hurdles and 200m hurdles). She placed 3rd in the final of the 200m hurdles and achieved personal bests in every race. Well done Emma!

Australian Surf Life Saving Championships

Harrison Wood of Year 10 is competing at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships in Perth, from 31 March to 3 April, 2014. The College wishes Harrison good luck at the championships!


Open Day Tuesday 1 April 

Join us at our Open Day next Tuesday morning from 11am - 12.30pm.

It really isn’t an easy decision. Just how do you determine which school best fits your children’s needs and your family’s values?

Glossy brochures, prospectuses and websites can offer you some insight, but there really is only one sure way to get a ‘feel’ for the culture of a school and to discover how it will care for your child. You need to take time out to visit and see it all for yourself.

With this in mind, A.B. Paterson College is inviting you and your family to be our guest on Tuesday 1 April 2014, and/or Tuesday 12 August 2014, when the College will open its classroom doors to welcome you into the heart of the teaching and learning excellence that takes place in Junior and Senior School lessons every day of every week throughout the academic year.

With a well-founded teaching and learning framework, based upon international research, the College provides extensive opportunities for academic excellence. We aim to develop young men and women of character by challenging students to develop the intellectual character needed to become passionate about their ongoing learning; to acquire the skills and confidence to succeed in an increasingly complex world; and to become active leaders in their communities.

So step inside! Let our senior students show you around our wonderful campus facilities; drop into classrooms along the way and experience for yourselves this school of outstanding educational offerings and opportunities. Witness how our children learn, their commitment to their learning and the amazing outcomes they are capable of achieving.

Discover our innovative eLearning strategy and visit our Collaborative Learning Centre. See for yourselves the access it gives students and staff to various new and existing technologies, essential to the acquisition of 21st century skills that will help students to become flexible and creative lifelong learners.

Meet College Principal, Brian Grimes, and members of his senior leadership team. Ask questions – get those all-important answers.

This is an exciting open door invitation to really see the College as it operates on any given day of the year – it will be business as usual for our teachers and students!

Make a date in your diary to be our guest – on Tuesday 1 April 2014 & Tuesday 12 August 2014 from 11am-12.30pm.

Contact Karen Milburn, Assistant Head of Admissions & Communications at kmn@abpat.qld.edu.au or 55614 140.


Sporting Success 21 March 2014

Congratulations to the following A.B. Paterson College students, who have achieved individual or team success in their chosen sports.

State Junior Nipper Championships

Congratulations to Tahlia Dilkes of Year 7
Tahlia won the Under 12 Surf Race at the State Junior Nipper Championships last Sunday. There were 151 competitors in her race and she had heats, semi-finals and finals. She won each of her races and, in the final, led with clear water out of the swim. She is the first female Gold Medallist from her club, Nobby’s Surf Life Saving Club, and now has her portrait photo and action photo framed and hung on the "Medallists" wall at Nobby’s Surf Life Saving Club, Nobby’s Beach.

Little Athletics Regional Championships

Congratulations to Emma Downey of Year 9
Emma qualified for five events in the Little Athletics Regional Championships and is on her way to Cairns next Friday to compete in the State Championships, which is run over three days. Her events are 100m, 200m, 400m, 80m hurdles and 200m hurdles. Emma has worked really hard over the last six months and we wish her well in her preparations for the State Championships.


Runaway Bay Baseball Club Little League Minors

Congratulations to Shaun Fitzgerald (Year 5), Grace Murphy (Year 7), Hannah Marshall (Year 6) and Adam Selleck (Year 6)
A.B. Paterson College students play for Runaway Bay Baseball Club Little League Minors, who played Coomera Cubs last weekend in the Grand Final. It was a very close game, going down 4-3 in the bottom of the 6th innnings. It was a great game and they never gave up. Hannah Marshall was awarded Golden Glove, and she is one of two shadow players that made the Commissioner’s Team to play in the Little League Titles.



Junior Australian Athletics Championships    21 March 2014

The Junior Australian Athletics Championships were held in Sydney from 13-16 April. The event brings together the best athletes in Australia from U14 to U20 age groups.

Aaron Kuczynski (Year 11) and Stephanie Hall (Year 9) both competed at the championships, representing Queensland against the other states and some international athletes.

Aaron competed in the U18 and U20 hammer throw and placed 7th and 13th respectively, with a Personal Best in the younger age group, throwing the 5kg implement 50.39 metres.

Stephanie competed in the U15 1500m race and placed 15th with a time of 4:56.46 seconds, improving on her time at the Queensland State Championships (5:02.37 seconds) and just falling short of her PB.

Unfortunately, Gemma Killian (Year 10) was forced to withdraw from the event due to injury.

Well done to both Aaron and Stephanie on their achievements at the National Championships.




Listen to that roar! 14 March 2014

Lachlan Woods, College Captain, and Zoe O’Dwyer, Public Speaking Captain, have won the Public Speaking prize in their division of the Lions Youth of the Year Quest, and will thus compete in the regional final.

This competition is essentially a search by the Lions organisation for a student capable of representing the Lions movement internationally. It is, therefore, noteworthy that Lachlan and Zoe pipped at the post many school captains and vice captains from a number of Gold Coast Schools; all very impressive young people.

The standard of this competition is beyond impressive; every student who presents is deserving of praise. A.B. Paterson College’s success is thus a testament to every staff member who has mentored or guided Lachlan or Zoe over the years. We should all share in the success of these students.

The Regional Final Saturday 15 March 2014

College Captain, Lachlan Woods, and Public Speaking Captain, International Women's Day Youth Leadership Award recipient, Zoe O'Dwyer, (what an amazing weekend for this young woman) competed in the Q1 Regional Final of the Lions Youth of the Year Quest.

This is the third tier of this competition, and only two tiers away from the National finals, thus it was no mean feat to make it this far in the Quest.

The students gave truly impressive performances in both the impromptu and public speaking events and were clearly the top of the field.

It came as no real surprise that Lachlan was awarded the Public Speaking prize. It was nonetheless a tough call to distinguish between Lachlan and Zoe, as her speech on tearing down barriers and her deft handling of the impromptu questions was really impressive.

All in all, neither Zoe nor Lachlan won this division of the Quest, but their performance has been outstanding over the past weeks and they have both gained valuable experience from the interview processes.



Young Ballet Dancer Success 14 March 2014

Year 4 student Eden Harder has been asked to perform with the Queensland Ballet in their upcoming production of Coppelia. Well done Eden!

State Baseball Championships

Congratulations also to Kosuke Takahashi of Year 11 on his selection in the 18 years and under South Coast Regional Baseball team, to compete at the State Championships in Brisbane from 27-30 March.

Good luck to Kosuke on his preparations for the championships.


Inter-School Tennis Challenge 7 March 2014

Congratulations to the A.B. Paterson College Open A Boys’ Tennis pairing of Bob Milunovic (Year 8) and Nishane Patel (Year 12), who took part in the 2014 Secondary Inter-School Tennis Challenge on Friday, 28 February, held at the Queens Park Tennis Centre in Southport.


The tournament organised by Tennis Gold Coast attracts the best tennis players from schools all over the Gold Coast. There were nearly 100 players taking part in the event. Both Bob and Nishane played exceptionally well in what turned out to be an extremely tough competition. They only narrowly missed qualifying for the semi-final stage of the event.

Well done Bob and Nishane!


Clean Up Australia Day Crew in Coombabah 7 March 2014

Several A.B. Paterson College students, some as cadets of the Australian Air League, Southport Squadron, which meets at the College, made an active contribution to the local area last Sunday for Clean Up Australia Day.

The energetic group tidied up a large area leading into Coombabah Wetlands Reserve and the local Mason Field Aerodrome from general litter to kitchen cupboards, tyres, boxes and boots.

Amongst the hard working Clean Up Australia Day crew on the day were: Elizabeth Rosen (Year 4), Alexander Rosen (Year 7), Jack Taylor (Year 6), Lucas Dugdale (Year 9), Jenna ten Bohmer (Year 4) and Violet ten Bohmer (Year 2).

Well done students!



Sailing Titles 28 February 2014

Congratulations to Justin Wise of Year 9.

Justin has placed 7th in the South Australian State Titles, in a field of 80 boats, and is now preparing to compete in New Zealand over Easter for their National Titles. Justin has spent three days training with fellow team members from Australia and has thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Other regattas this year include Bahrain, Uruguay (South American titles), Turkey, Singapore National Titles, Ireland (European titles) and Argentina (World titles).

We wish Justin well in his preparations for the New Zealand National Titles.



Young Bush Poet Published 14 February 2014

The Bronze Swagman Book of Bush Verse 2013 celebrates the winning entry of Year 7 student, Patrick Hall, making him a published author. What an amazing accomplishment!

Patrick's poem entitled The Outback successfully took out first place in the Annual Little Swaggie's Bush Poetry Competition, an initiative of the Winton Tourism Promotion Association.

In fact it was a clean sweep for the College's Year 6 budding bush bards with Jonte Fouch and Alexander Priala in second and third placings. Patrick's poem went on to win the overall Primary prize from across all year levels.

The Winton Tourist Promotion Association aims to encourage the writing of traditional Australian Verse made so popular by Banjo Paterson, and which is so important a part of our Australian Heritage through The Bronze Swagman Award and its Annual Little Swaggie's Bush Poetry Competition.

At an author's signing today in the Principal's office, Patrick was busy signing copies of the anthology to be placed proudly on our library's shelves - P94 - be sure to look it up!

Congratulations, Patrick!



Some Important Dates for Your Diary - 31 December 2013

Following a brief office closure over the Christmas period, the College office resumed business on Monday, 6 January 2014. Office hours of business during the holiday period are 8.00am - 4.00pm.

If you are looking to purchase uniform items from the Uniform Shop in this busy Back to School period, it will re-open for business on Monday, 13 January from 8.00m - 1.00pm, by appointment only. '

Appointments can be booked by phoning the Uniform Shop on (07) 5561 4131 after Monday 13 January 2014.

New student families may telephone the main administration office during the holidays to make an appointment on (07) 5594 7947.

Following what we hope has been a restful and relaxing festive season with family and friends, the College welcomes you back to the campus on 28 January 2014 to begin another busy academic year.

Welcome back everyone!

Gold Coast Theatre Awards - Seven Nominations!  December 9 2013

 The 5th Gold Coast Area Theatre Awards will take place at the Paradise Room, Arts Centre Gold Coast on Tuesday, December 10, 2013.

The Awards Night acknowledges the Gold Coast area's commitment and contribution to the local community's entertainment life, by presenting awards to participants in shows staged and produced by theatre groups, schools and colleges throughout the year.

A panel of judges visits dozens of musicals and plays staged by local companies from Beenleigh  to Ballina  - and awards winners in categories covering set, costume, lighting and sound design, music and show direction, leads and support actors and actresses and many others.

Here are the A.B. Paterson College nominees for this year's musical The Wiz:

Category 2 Best Costumes: Lisa Wise and Janet Burrage

Category 6: The Jock and Beverly McIlwain Special Encouragement Award: Sebastien Golenko

Category 10 Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a School/Youth Musical: Justin Tan

Category 11 Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a School/Youth Musical: Christie-Lee Wise

Category 14 Best Actor in a Leading Role in a School/Youth Musical: Sebastien Golenko

Category 15 Best Actress in a Leading Role in a School/Youth Musical: Ruby Sethi

Category 17 Best Production of a School/Youth Musical: The Wiz


Congratulations to all of the nominees.





Pacific Fair Carols for Kids Choir Competition Winners 9 December 2013

Another wonderful result for the Year 2 Choir, achieving 1st place in the Junior Category and winning $500.

The Year 2 Choir has now been invited to perform at the Broadbeach Christmas Carols, Kurrawa Park, Broadbeach, on Saturday, 14 December.

Congratulations also to the Years 4/5 Choir, who were awarded second runner up in the Senior Category, winning $200. Well done to our Year 2 and Years 4/5 choirs!

Thank you to Ms Rachel Newcombe for her expert direction and leadership of the Year 2 Choir, and also to Mrs Candace Kruger for her fine repertoire selection and piano accompaniment.

This Week's Student Achievements 19 November 2013

Journalism Competition

Congratulations to Emily Selleck of Year 10.

Emily entered her Outward Bound article into the Griffith University Journalism Competition and won Highly Commended, which placed her in the top 5 of the competition!

She has had an outstanding year and this achievement is both well-earned and well deserved. Well done Emily!

South Coast Regional Trial Aquathon

Congratulations to the students pictured below on their achievement in competing at the South Coast Regional Trial Aquathon held on weekend of 9 – 10 November.



Tennis Achievement

Congratulations to Gianni Sanguigno of Year 2, who competed in the historical Tennis Gold Coast Aged and Adult Tennis Championships on Sunday, 24 November, at Queens Park Tennis Centre.

Gianni won the 10/U Boys’ Singles Championship, beating his opponent 6-0 in the final.

Gianni’s name will appear on the Tennis Gold Coast honour board for winning this age category event, alongside former junior winners, including Bernard Tomic and Sam Stosur.

Well done Gianni!






I Can For Cancer

This Christmas, Year 6 student Grace Murphy, has decided to cut off her ponytail and donate her hair to Princess Charlottes: Tresses for Princesses, which is a not-for-profit organisation that makes wigs for girls who have lost their hair due to illness.

" I am cutting and donating 40 cm of my hair to be made into a wig for a young girl, which will leave my hair just above my shoulders."

Please support Grace by leaving a message of support or donating securely via the link to her fundraising page below. All donations will go to the I Can for Cancer campaign.



Celebrating Success at Our College Speech Night 2013 - 22 November 2013

This year's Speech Night was a celebration of student achievement in the academic and co-curricular domains in Years 4-12.

A night that recognises the hard work, dedication and participation in every facet of College life, students were rewarded and recognised for their successes.

Whether students received an award or not, all are to be congratulated for their work ethic and positive contribution to our College's programmes throughout this academic year.

We are truly privileged to work with such wonderful young people.

Dux of the College was awarded to Nelson Chua, who received a standing ovation from his Year 12 peers.

College Captain, Bianca Palmer, was awarded the Principal's Leadership Award, and the College's most prestigious award the Banjo Paterson Cup.



Figure Skating into the Australian Championships

Congratulations to Ryan Dodds, a Year 12 student, who recently competed in the Queensland Figure Skating Championships.

Ryan placed 3rd in the Junior Men’s Division (for under 19 year olds) and he and his partner, Jessica Rotondo, were also crowned Novice Pair Champions.

Ryan and his partner Jessica have now been nominated to represent Queensland in the Australian Figure Skating Championships in Melbourne during the first week of December.

Following the Championships, Ryan will head to the USA for six weeks’ elite training at the Olympic Training Centre in Colorado Springs.

The International Skating Union has already invited Ryan and Jessica twice to participate in elite training in Berlin, Germany and, in 2014, they are expected to represent Australia on the ISU Junior Grand Prix circuit.


STEM Forum & Challenges hit the Gold Coast 26-29 November 2013

A.B. Paterson College opens its inaugural Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Forum and Challenge next week to international, interstate and local student mathematicians and scientists in a four day event on the Gold Coast. Expanded in 2013 to include a Science Challenge alongside the annual Mathematical Modelling Challenge, this event has attracted interest from hundreds of school students.

Hosted by A.B. Paterson College and Griffith University, this exciting and fun event has seen 138 students register for the Forum to be held at the College’s Arundel campus, including students from Singapore, New Zealand, NSW and SE Qld schools.
This year’s tasks are under wraps until next week, but a taste of what is to come will see teams of students challenged to build Spaghetti Bridges, design and test an Airwing, explore rockets, design crumple zones for vehicles, design a wind powered vehicle and investigate the lighting necessary to light up a football stadium.

In 2012, with a theme of the Colonisation of Mars, the Forum challenged teams of students to build water rockets capable of launching their payload, a Lego rover, into space. They built the robotic Mars rover from Lego blocks; and designed a landing module for the rover to successfully land on the surface of Mars. Students collected data, analysed the data and built mathematical models from their findings. These models were used to make predictions and verify these predictions by testing the water rockets and landing modules.

The 2013 Mathematical Modelling and Science Challenges are proving exceptionally popular with 304 students already registered to participate. Teachers and university academics, Dr Jill Brown, Assoc. Professor Gloria Stillman (Australian Catholic University) and Honorary Professor Peter Galbraith (University of Queensland) will act as mentors for the duration of the events.

“Applying mathematics to problems in the world outside the classroom involves the use of skills that few students learn at school. The A.B. Paterson College Mathematical Modelling challenge provides a unique opportunity for students to learn and apply such skills to problems, often of their own choosing, that are located in the world outside school,” says Honorary Professor Peter Galbraith, University of Queensland and Former President of ICTMA: International Community for the Teaching of Mathematical Modelling and Applications.

A day trip to our local theme park Dreamworld will provide the data captures that are utilised to pose problems to develop mathematical models in the final two day challenge, while forensics will occupy the scientists at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus.

In 2012, the Modelling Challenge offered a variety of tasks. From determining the number of helium balloons needed to float a mascot over a football field, to optimising the rotor blade for a wind powered generator, to researching ways to control gliders in flight, there was a problem for everyone, including pursuing a task of their own design if desired.

“The Science Challenge provided the opportunity to enhance and enrich my scientific skills, esp