Wider Community Links

Developing a sense of community interaction and responsibility is an important part of raising individuals who respect their impact on communities, and the roles that they can play to aid others. Our connection with the wider community includes:

  • Parents and grandparents working in classrooms with Junior School children
  • Business and community mentors  invited into the College to bring the 'outside world' in and, where possible, to link students' learning journeys with projects to help the community
  • Inviting local leaders in  business or the professions to our Business/Industry Dinner to discuss career planning and workforce requirements with Year 12 students over dinner

The College's community service programme offers experience in volunteer work through our Interact Club.

  • Supported by Rotary, Interact assists in raising money and contributing skills to the local community, and to those in need overseas
  • Our students assist in door knock appeals for major charities
  •  We give free matinee performances of the annual musical for charities and retirement village residents

Students are also involved in various community projects with industry and university links.

  •  Monitoring the health of Harley Park Lagoon in association with Griffith University
  •  Researching the health and well-being of employees in industry
  • Our Mathematics Faculty is working with the Queensland University of Technology on mathematical modelling

Involvement within the wider community provides students with an invaluable perspective at both the local and global levels, broadening horizons and promoting personal development.