Foundation and Sport Bursaries


A.B. Paterson College offers a small number of bursaries each year, equating to a partial remission of tuition fees to assist families who would otherwise not normally be able to afford fees and therefore be unable to provide their child with an A.B. Paterson College Education. These range in value and are offered at the sole discretion of the College.

Foundation Bursary for 2023 

The Foundation Bursary is offered by A.B. Paterson College and is open to students in Year 6, who are not currently attending the College and who would be unable to do so without College support. This Bursary offers a partial remission of fees for study from Years 7 - 12. The value of the Bursary can vary at the discretion of the Principal, depending upon the calibre of the student’s application. This Bursary is subject to an assessment of the parents’ capacity to contribute to fees and is awarded to a student/s who is/are well-rounded and who is/are able to contribute to the general life of the College. Applications should be made in writing, addressed to the Principal and marked ‘Confidential’.

Sports Administered by QLD School Sport Bursary for 2023

A.B. Paterson College offers a Bursary for students who have excelled in a sport administered by QLD Sports.  Applications are invited from students who are in Years 9 - 12, and who have excelled in their chosen sport by gaining recognition at either State or National level competition.  It should be noted that this Bursary cannot be combined with any other forms of financial assistance, discounts, bursaries or scholarships.

Sport Bursaries are awarded on the basis of demonstrated ability at State or National level competition and a student’s contribution to the College sporting program. This Bursary is open to both current and future students.

The amount of the Bursary offered varies and is at the sole discretion of the College.  It should be noted that Bursary application is competitive and not all applicants who meet the basic eligibility criteria are necessarily awarded a Bursary.

Scholarships and Bursaries are subject to review at key stages. The Principal has the right to withdraw any Scholarship or Bursary at any time if behaviour, commitment and/or progress are not being maintained.  The value of any award must remain strictly confidential between parents and the College. 

Please note that the Principal reserves the right to recover any financial assistance, Scholarship or Bursary provided for a student if the recipient leaves the College before completing Year 12.

Bursary Application Forms

Foundation Bursary

Sport Bursary

Applications should be made in writing, addressed to the Principal and marked ‘Confidential’ and emailed to  Applications are to be submitted by the conclusion of Term 2, 2022.

Students holding a student visa (subclass 500) are not eligible to register.