International Students

Overseas students** are always welcome at A.B. Paterson College and students from many countries have enjoyed successful years at our College.

It is important to note that A.B. Paterson College only enrols overseas students (FFPOS) who arrive to study in Australia accompanied by a parent or very close relative. The College expects that students will live with that parent or relative and does not organise homestay. It is the College’s expectation that parents are able to communicate with College staff. 

The College does not work through agents or pay agent commissions. The College's overseas student enrolments are private arrangements between the family and the College. For this reason, the number of overseas students (FFPOS) enrolled at A.B. Paterson College is fewer than at many other Gold Coast schools that conduct homestay programs.  The College does not have separate waiting lists for overseas students and local students.

If you require further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Karen Milburn, Head of Admissions,, +61 7 5594 7947.

** Overseas or international students, referred to in this section of the enrolment information, are those students who are required to apply for a Student Visa or who are dependants on the Study Visa of their parent(s) through the Department of Immigration, in order to study in an Australian school.

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