Term 4 Gets Underway in the Junior School

Term 4 is well underway with students being thoroughly involved in a range of learning activities. It was an absolute delight to see so many of our Junior School students singing and dancing in the College musical. I thank our talented Arts Faculty teachers for the amazing job they do with our young children, and for ensuring they have such amazing opportunities to be included and perform. 

This term, we welcome many visitors to the College, including prospective Prep families for Prep interviews; our new students and families commencing in Prep – Year 6 for 2015, for Orientation Day; and many hundreds of Grandparents and Special Friends who will visit us in a few weeks’ time. We celebrate the times to include our family, friends and broader community here at the College, and it is also a great opportunity for our students to take on leadership roles in helping the smooth running of these events. 

Our new Prep classroom, library and playground building construction is coming along well. It was very interesting for us all to see the big advancements made during the holiday period. Our Prep students have shared some of their thoughts below:

“After the holidays, when we came back to school…”

“The builders are moving the fences. The grass has gone and the new building looks good. The builders are busy working.” Ruvindu Siriwardana

“The building is getting bigger. There is dirt and machines where the playground used to be.” Sumaiya Jamal

“The playground was gone and now there’s lots of dirt everywhere. The diggers are digging up lots of dirt and moving it.” Noah McQueen

“The builders had put the roof on the new Prep building and nearly built the walls. It was where the tennis courts used to be. In our playground there is a big pile of dirt now and the fence has been moved.”  Nicholas Kenworthy

“Last time the building didn't even have a bit of a roof on it.” Hamish Canning

“I see the stairs are new on the Prep building.” Ben Gauld