“YOUth Skills” Lead the Way

Year 9 have been enjoying the time they have spent together as a cohort, working on developing leadership, study skills and team working abilities through a series of activities and events. They started off in the Collaborative Learning Centre bringing together all of their expertise in technology and group strategies to create a “Leadership Product”. They also were involved in presentations from outside group Elevate Education, before being challenged both personally, and as a House, in House activities. Please read on to hear what the Year 9s had to say:

In the session from Elevate Education, we learned how to study efficiently to get the best results. Things like doing a small amount of physical exercise before study to get your brain going, or only to study for short amounts of time because it is more efficient. Aaron Dirkx – Lawson House

For the Year 9 Special Workshop, to define leadership, we decided to visit different classes throughout the Junior School to gather a concept of what leadership is, and what being a leader truly means. From everything that the students said, we believe that leadership means putting others before yourself, leading people with care, ambiguity and empathy, putting others feelings before yours and making a difference, even if it is through the simplest things. 

From this definition, we built a website and created a video which embodies this meaning of leadership. The website included helpful tips for being a leader and plenty of motivation to do so. The video featured the children we interviewed from Junior School and their views of leadership and being a leader.  Abigail Marshall – Mackellar House

The seminar provided by Elevate Education taught us different ways and methods to retain memory in an effort to aid us in our studies. We were taught about semantic learning, a method in which we used our previous knowledge to help us understand things that we had not learnt yet. Overall, the tips and tricks that we were given will help us study, revise and learn in a much more efficient and easier way.

Our group’s idea for the Leadership Product was to create a short comic documentary, where Mr Andrews discussed the different aspects of being a leader. Our documentary's purpose is to entertain, while also teaching viewers about what makes a good leader and how to be a good leader. Paul Oh – Lawson House

Our group found that the seminar was very informative, helpful and effective for our future studies. It was entertaining and enjoyable, while providing us with crucial knowledge. Kyle Smith – Wright House

The students spent the afternoon with their teachers working on leading through co-operation and breaking peer and personal boundaries – and learnt a lot about themselves, leadership and others in the process. Thanks to Mr Dilkes and Ms Simmonds, who set up the events for the afternoon.