Budding Young Tech Whizzes in our midst! 

The 2014 Gold Coast Science and Tech Fair – ‘Hack n Show’ held annually, is designed to promote engagement within the Science and Technology industries in a fun and interactive setting.  It is an opportunity for students to demonstrate how Science and Technology can be applied to everyday life.

Matthew and Jamie Hickey, brothers in our Junior School from Years 4 and 5, submitted three home-made ‘hacked’ products, and both received 1st prize in their divisions.

Matthew designed and created an ‘Autonomous Drawing Machine’, which was made from a plastic cup, some pens, an AA battery and a motor. This innovative creation draws interesting patterns on a page without human assistance.

Jamie entered his solar-powered car and a Bristle Bot. The solar-powered car was constructed from a water bottle, household items, solar panels and a motor. It moved successfully under the sun’s energy. His Bristle Bot was made from a vibrating phone motor inserted into the head of a toothbrush; another innovative design.

All their hard work paid off, as together they won Arduino, GCDuino and Raspberry Pie equipment to further advance their interests. Congratulations to both Matthew and Jamie on their fine efforts!

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