News from the Junior School Classrooms

In science this term, Year 1 students have been working on a unit called: ‘Change it, Shape it, Bake it’ where they are investigating how everyday materials can be changed. Last week, they investigated the properties of spaghetti before and after it had been changed by cooking. Their challenge was to build the tallest spaghetti tower, using only uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows. They discovered uncooked spaghetti breaks very easily and does not bend without breaking! 

“It was really hard to get the tower to stand up. You had to build the bottom first, then, when you built the top, it fell down because it was too heavy!”  

“I enjoyed making spaghetti towers because it was really hard and I like brain teasing challenges. It was hard to make because it kept on falling down” 

“I liked making the spaghetti towers because you get to share ideas. When we got our ideas together, we made a good tower!”  

Year 1 students also visited the Senior School Science Laboratory with Dr Thomas this week. In class, students have been learning how food items can be changed through processes such as melting, freezing etc, as in the investigation described above. 

Dr Thomas used dry ice to show students some amazing changes!

He made a tower of bubbles and even created giant bubbles that turned into a steamy white gas when they popped.

He then put dry ice into green cordial (which made it look like a monster drink) and made the teachers drink it! Dr Thomas also made a purple liquid change into lots of different colours. He made a clear liquid turn black without touching it, right before our very eyes! The highlight of our visit was a helium balloon that Dr Thomas set on fire, making a loud explosion on the ceiling.

After our visit, we are sure to have many budding scientists in Year 1!

“Doctor Thomas made a potion and it changed colour straight away!”

“The highlight of my visit was when Miss Brewster drank the green monster drink. She didn’t turn into a monster.”

“I liked the balloon because it was loud.”

“It looked like normal water, but then it went black!”

“The chemicals made different colours.”