Return to the Forbidden Planet - Musical An Outstanding Success

The College Musical for 2014 was a rousing success, with over 280 students from the Junior and Senior schools involved in the four productions. 

On Wednesday afternoon, the students presented their dress rehearsal to community members at a charity matinee. The enthusiasm of both the students and audience provided an electric atmosphere for all involved and inspired the cast to lift even further for the evening performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

A sincere thank you must go to all of the on-stage, band, backstage, front-of-house and creative crew students for their dedication to the production; the lovely volunteer parents who assisted with costuming, make-up and hair styling; the kind and patient staff who assisted with student supervision; the Parents and Friends who provided refreshments during intermission; and the amazing staff of the Performing Arts Faculty, who worked so hard as a team to create such an energetic and rewarding experience for our students. Special thanks to the following staff for their months of preparation leading up to the production: 

Musical Director             Andrew Montfroy

Director of Drama     Jacqui Fry

Director of Dance     Emily Fletcher

Director of Choirs     Rachel Newcombe

Creative Director             Barry Voevodin

Stage Manager             Lana Milton

Wardrobe Manager       Lisa Wise

Technical Team             Marshall McAdam

Production Team             Callie Hewitt

                                    Ann Dye

                                     Deanna Handley