From the Junior School Classroom

In Geography, Year 3 have been inquiring into Australia’s neighbouring countries. We have learnt how to locate and label them, using an Atlas and through using Setarra on-line, which is a fun interactive website where the aim is to locate different countries while racing against time.

Year 3 are also writing reports on a country of their choice. They are learning how to research, take notes, summarise key points, use diagrams and create a detailed comparison of the similarities and differences between their chosen country and Australia.

I like doing the map jig saw puzzle because I really like having to solve the puzzle and label each country. 

I liked taking notes about different countries because it helps you learn and it is fun.  

I liked playing the geography game because it tells me your score and it is also very good for learning.  

In Literacy, Year 1 have been reading and learning about Aboriginal cultural traditions. We discovered how these traditions were explained and passed on to children as oral stories and in paintings. We read several stories and then created our own stories using Aboriginal symbols.

Below are some of students’ comments:

I knew what I my story was going to be but it was harder to draw it than I thought it would be. It is not like a normal story.  










Some of the paintings we looked at were very complicated, but I could spot some of the symbols we used for our stories. The stories were different from the ones we usually read; they helped children understand the shapes of unusual rocks.  

I do not know how they did some of those paintings; they were very tricky. Some of the stories sound strange to us but they were interesting.  

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