Konnichiwa こんにちは from Japan

Our tourists arrived safely in Japan after a great flight.  The Dreamliner plane was just lovely with quite a bit of room to move around. The first day took the group on a pilgrimage  of self-discovery to the Buddhist monastery (via the convince store for snacks!!).

Here are a selection of images from the amazing sites that have been visited to date. Enjoy!

Halloween at Universal Studios Osaka.

Umeda sky tower one of the top 25 buildings in the world.

Dancing in mid-town Osaka being filmed for a local TV channel.

Photos of our pilgrimage to Mount Konya in Wakayama Prefecture on second night.

We learnt not only about Japan's Buddhist roots, but more about the Japanese spirit and it heightened our own spiritual awareness.

Water shot is purification before entering temple.

Food at the Buddhist temple that the monks eat.

Giant coffee cup is grave of all company employees that have passed on from that coffee maker company.

A couple of happy snaps!