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Birralee Singers Choral Exchange - 12 September 2014

With Invited Guest Artist/Composer, Mr Paul Jarman

A.B. Paterson College hosted a choral exchange on 6 and 7 September, in the Dawn Lang Performing Arts Centre. This weekend was an exciting collaboration between Birralee Singers and choristers from our Junior and Intermediate Choirs here at the College.

Birralee Singers is the one of Voices of Birralee’s six ensembles – their ages range from 10-15 years. Voices of Birralee is the leading children’s and youth choral association in Queensland, if not Australia. Ms Julie Christiansen OAM, Artistic Director of Voices of Birralee, welcomed and attended this collaborative weekend, and Mr Paul Jarman, a widely acclaimed Australian composer and performing artist, accepted the invitation to be involved in this unique collaboration, and attended for the entire weekend to work with all choristers involved. All participants performed a number of his works, alongside each respective choir’s own chosen works.

The students that participated are to be congratulated on their outstanding contribution to the Birralee Singers/A.B. Paterson College Choral weekend.

What they managed to achieve in two days was incredible and the sound that they made was simply gorgeous. Their concert on the Sunday afternoon was a delightful way to conclude the weekend.

All participants epitomised what our College’s ethos represents – in this case, Excellence in Singing, genuine Care for one another and total Commitment to everything the students wished to achieve.

See below a series of student responses from the weekend:

“The weekend with the Birralee choir was fun and exciting. The activities we did were really fun. I also liked my billets Holly and Isabella. They were very nice and the experience on the weekend was very memorable.” Bailey - Year 7

“I thought that the weekend was really fun. I enjoyed it because I interacted with people I had never met before, and I shared my singing skills with the Birralee choir. I think it was a great opportunity, as we met the composer of the songs we sung and he taught us a lot of things that I hadn’t learned before. I found it very entertaining and extremely fun. Two of the singers stayed with my family and it was really fun, because I now know a little about the Birralee choir.” Tahlia - Year 7

“The Birralee Choir workshop was wonderful! I have learnt so much about singing and have made some new friends. I have to thank everyone who made this workshop possible!” Angie -Year 7

“I thought the Birralee Choir weekend was a wonderful experience, because everyone got to introduce themselves to new kids who are our age and are like-minded to us.” Sarah - Year 7

“I believe this weekend taught us a lot about the care and commitment of each and every one of us and it was great to meet other people who share the same dedication and love to sing/make music!” Emily - Year 7

“I went to Choral weekend last week and it was amazing. All the Birralee Singers were friendly and it was so easy to like them straightaway. All the songs were a stroke of genius and I enjoyed singing every one of them. Thanks to all our great conductors, and I really hope that others can get to do this amazing opportunity next year. It is probably one of my highlights of the year.” Sophia - Year 6


Tour de Harri - On the Road to Success - 12 September 2014

On Wednesday of this week, 10 September, the whole College showed their support once again for Peter Brookes’s ride and the charity ‘Harri’s Hope’, with the creative and inspiring ‘Tour de Harri’ coin trail!



The May Gibbs Courtyard was colourfully decked out in the coloured card, filled with the ‘coin bikes’ of many students, who had brought in their gold coin donation to raise money for the big ride Mr Brookes is undertaking over September/October, whilst he is on Long Service Leave. 


The morning started with the Senior School’s Year 9 students bringing over their tutor group’s coin cards and the ‘road’, that would end with every single tutor group and class from across the whole College, started to take shape. Wright 3 is very proud to be the tutor group who raised the most amount of money, with their big bike! 

Then, as the morning went on, the Junior School came, from Prep right up to Year 6, bringing in their coin bikes of every shape and size imaginable. Some classes had the added delight of seeing Harri and his Dad, Matt, when they visited at about 10 am. The classes, and teachers including Mr Grimes, sang Happy Birthday to Harri and showed Harri and his Dad what we had been up to – building a road just like the one Mr Brookes will be riding when he cycles from Sydney Opera House to our College! Harri and his Dad got to have a piece of amazing Malteser and Kit Kat cake, baked and donated by Year 11 Wright House student, Emma Marsh. Yum!!

Imagine the excitement on everyone’s faces when we learnt that we had raised well over the $1,300 needed to reach $10, 000, which was Mr Brookes’s new goal. The generosity of the College, parents, students and families is overwhelming once again, as today’s coin trail has raised just over $2,600. 

Thank you to the whole College community – the classes, tutor groups and teachers who got behind the ‘Tour de Harri’ coin trail we had on Wednesday. 

The Bake Sale is still to come – on Tuesday, 16 September.

 Year 11 students and some of our parents will be busy baking on Monday night, ready to sell the baked goods on Tuesday during morning tea and lunch time.

All goods are $1 each!


Classical Ballet Dancer Success - 5 September 2014

Congratulations to Year 5 students, Kristen Seale, Alissa Kouzmenkov, Natalia Sanguigno and Soraya Abdel-Aal for their achievements in classical ballet at the Beenleigh and Gold Coast Eisteddfods. The girls attend the Amanda Bollinger Dance Academy.

1st Place  10/U Groups Classical Ballet at Beenleigh Eisteddfod

1st Place  10/U Groups Lyrical at Beenleigh Eisteddfod

3rd Place  10/U Groups Classical Ballet at Gold Coast Eisteddfod

HC  10/U Groups Lyrical at Gold Coast Eisteddfod

Well done to these students on their achievements!

Tour De Harri Update - 5 September 2014

Not long to go now before Wright House tutor, Peter Brookes, sets out on the long bike ride home from Sydney to Arundel, all in the name of charity - Harri's Hope - from 28 September - 8 October.

On Saturday, over the long weekend, a group of students and teachers went along to cook a sausage sizzle for the local community, which was generously donated by Josh McAulay, the butcher at Harbourside Market. Many people came along,   found out about the ride, and were  impressed and touched by what Mr Brookes is going to do.

Mr Brookes was the BBQ cook, along with Mrs Dowd; students Chloe Gash (Year 12 and Wright House Captain), Year 11 students, Amy Cross and Erika Spanos, and Mark Kaddis of Year 10 were there to lend a hand in getting donations for the sausages.

With the $300 dollars raised at the sausage sizzle, the donations are now well over the $7,000 that has been the goal from the start! So now the bar has been raised, and our new goal is $8,500. 

Wright House has been busy, along with Mr Brookes, organising the fundraising events for the big ride. A big thank you to the College community for getting behind the events, which are:

Tour de Harri

Bake Sale on Tuesday, 16 September 

The response to the Tour de Harri idea –  each student is asked to bring in two gold coins and make a ‘bike’. All the bikes created  are then placed together to form one road to be completed for 10 September – has been impressive, from Prep right up to Year 12. Each tutor group in the Senior School is involved and we cannot wait to see the finished road, which will happen during the morning session. Watch this space for some amazing photos.

Do not forget to bring in your coins and make your own bike. 

Be prepared for the Bake Sale on Tuesday, 16 September, when the Year 11s will be selling some yummy goodies, like cookies, cupcakes and brownies, around the major seating areas. 

They are only $1 each.

If you would like to sponsor Peter Brookes in his pledge to support Harri's Hope, you can make a donation at 

No matter how small, or how big the donation, every little bit helps!

Thank you for your support and kind generosity so far.


Debating Grand Final Winners - 29 August 2014

This week saw the culmination of the 2014 GCSSDA debating season with the Grand Finals held at Bond University. It was an exciting and enjoyable evening, and the 30-odd students who came along to cheer our teams on made it more so.

Due to the extensive number of teams who progressed into the finals series, the College won the GCSSDA Champion School shield for 2014.

The Grand Final victors in their relative divisions, below are, from left to right:

Senior B Division Champions: Rear – Ahmad Gundru, Jack Sattler, Thuvarakan Muthukkumarasamy, Saya Tomikawa and Bryan Parsons (Speaker of the Night). Calin Miles (Debating Captain) with the Champion School Trophy.

Intermediate A Division Champions: Rear - Ashley Gee, Emilie Walker; Front – Hollie Cook, Dinu Hewage (Speaker of the Night) and Jessica Winch.


A fine end to a fine season!


Australia’s Model UN Diplomacy Competition - 29 August 2014

As the A.B. Paterson College UN Youth Ambassador, on 16 August, Year 11 student, Lorena Markovic, had the opportunity to take part in The Evatt Competition, organised by UN Youth Australia. Evatt is a Model United Nations Security Council diplomacy competition for students in Years 9-12. More than 2,000 students compete in Evatt each year.

The competition included the debate over three United Nation resolutions, in which negotiations were made, amendments were debated and various other protocols were taken, making it both a fun and educational day. As someone who had never debated before, this competition helped Lorena by familiarising her with the techniques used to be successful, and improving her public speaking skills. 

Evatt is also, however, an educational experience, as each team of two is assigned a country and has to take the role of delegates of that given country. In this case, the country allocated to Lorena and partner, Sheridan Tapsall,  was Nigeria. Having little previous knowledge about the assigned country, both students gained a wider understanding of Nigeria’s economy, culture and population demographics, including knowledge of the area around Nigeria. 

The three resolutions assigned were as follows: The Question of Water Security; The Question of Israel and Palestine; and The Question of the Middle East Nuclear Crisis. This allowed students to gain, not only knowledge about their assigned country, but also much more about the current issues relating to the resolutions, and the stances of other countries on these problems, along with their thoughts on these issues. 

Lorena says, "Attending Evatt has broadened both my public speaking and debating experience, and has opened my mind to global issues and the stances of other nations on these issues. I would greatly encourage everyone to become involved in Evatt, or any other UN Youth event, as they are a great opportunity for students for public speaking, debating, political awareness and most of all, fun!" 


Debating Grand Final Winners - 22 August 2014

This week saw the culmination of the 2014 GCSSDA debating season with the Grand Finals held at Bond University. It was an exciting and enjoyable evening, and the 30-odd students who came along to cheer our teams on made it more so.

Due to the extensive number of teams who progressed into the finals series, the College won the GCSSDA Champion School shield for 2014.

The Grand Final victors in their relative divisions, below are, from left to right:

Senior B Division Champions: Rear – Ahmad Gundru, Jack Sattler, Thuvarakan Muthukkumarasamy, Saya Tomikawa and Bryan Parsons (Speaker of the Night). Calin Miles (Debating Captain) with the Champion School Trophy.

Intermediate A Division Champions: Rear - Ashley Gee, Emilie Walker; Front – Hollie Cook, Dinu Hewage (Speaker of the Night) and Jessica Winch.


A fine end to a fine season!

Budding Young Tech Whizzes in our midst! - 22 August 2014

The 2014 Gold Coast Science and Tech Fair – ‘Hack n Show’ held annually, is designed to promote engagement within the Science and Technology industries in a fun and interactive setting.  It is an opportunity for students to demonstrate how Science and Technology can be applied to everyday life.

Matthew and Jamie Hickey, brothers in our Junior School from Years 4 and 5, submitted three home-made ‘hacked’ products, and both received 1st prize in their divisions.

Matthew designed and created an ‘Autonomous Drawing Machine’, which was made from a plastic cup, some pens, an AA battery and a motor. This innovative creation draws interesting patterns on a page without human assistance.

Jamie entered his solar-powered car and a Bristle Bot. The solar-powered car was constructed from a water bottle, household items, solar panels and a motor. It moved successfully under the sun’s energy. His Bristle Bot was made from a vibrating phone motor inserted into the head of a toothbrush; another innovative design.

All their hard work paid off, as together they won Arduino, GCDuino and Raspberry Pie equipment to further advance their interests. Congratulations to both Matthew and Jamie on their fine efforts!

From the Junior School Classroom - 15 August 2014

In Geography, Year 3 have been inquiring into Australia’s neighbouring countries. We have learnt how to locate and label them, using an Atlas and through using Setarra on-line, which is a fun interactive website where the aim is to locate different countries while racing against time.

Year 3 are also writing reports on a country of their choice. They are learning how to research, take notes, summarise key points, use diagrams and create a detailed comparison of the similarities and differences between their chosen country and Australia.

I like doing the map jig saw puzzle because I really like having to solve the puzzle and label each country. 

I liked taking notes about different countries because it helps you learn and it is fun.  

I liked playing the geography game because it tells me your score and it is also very good for learning.  

In Literacy, Year 1 have been reading and learning about Aboriginal cultural traditions. We discovered how these traditions were explained and passed on to children as oral stories and in paintings. We read several stories and then created our own stories using Aboriginal symbols.

Below are some of students’ comments:

I knew what I my story was going to be but it was harder to draw it than I thought it would be. It is not like a normal story.  










Some of the paintings we looked at were very complicated, but I could spot some of the symbols we used for our stories. The stories were different from the ones we usually read; they helped children understand the shapes of unusual rocks.  

I do not know how they did some of those paintings; they were very tricky. Some of the stories sound strange to us but they were interesting.  


Winning Ways - 15 August 2014

Taekwondo Tournament

Congratulations to Marcus Amerena, Year 2.  Marcus competed in his first Yun Hap Taekwondo Tournament in Capalaba! Marcus received a trophy, which he was very happy about. Well done Marcus!

Gold Coast Regional Gymnastics Championships

Congratulations to Liam Burt, Year 4   Last weekend, Liam competed in the Gold Coast Regional Gymnastics Championships for MAG Level 2. Liam competed on all six apparatuses.

He achieved a Gold Medal for Floor, Vault and Pommel and Silver Medal for High Bar. Liam’s combined score ranked him in 1st place overall in the competition. Well done Liam!

South Coast Hockey

Congratulations to Ashton Price, Year 5  

Ashton is part of the South Coast Hockey team (under 12s), who placed 6th out of 12 teams. All team members played extremely well during the four day tournament.

Ashton enjoyed the experience and came away with new skills and friendships, and is looking forward to next year’s trials. Well done Ashton!

Equestrian -Show Jumping

Congratulations to Estelle Urbain and Madison Cicala both of Year 7   Estelle and Madison have been competing in Show Jumping events during the year, with both placing first in many of their events.

Last weekend they competed at World Cup Show Jumping in Caboolture.


From Pool to Piano - 8 August 2014

2014 Panasonic Pan Pacific Youth Water Polo Festival

Congratulations to Jared de Vries, Year 11.

Jared was selected to represent Australia in the B98 Water Polo team to compete at the Pan Pacific Youth Water Polo Festival, in the under 18 division, from 12-15 July. Jared’s team placed 7th out of 20 teams.

The team then played a three-day test series against the New Zealand B98 team and won all three games.

Well done Jared on your achievement and Australian representation.

State Pool Rescue State Championships

Congratulations to Year 11 student, Jayden Ibbitson. 

Jayden competed at the State Pool Rescue State Championships, last Saturday, in Caboolture. Jayden achieved some fantastic results:

Gold medal  14/15 male 4x25m Manikin Relay

Bronze Medal 14/15 male 4x50m Obstacle Relay

Bronze Medal 14/15 male 4x50m Medley Relay 

Silver Medal Under 15 male 50m Manikin Carry 

Jayden is off to Sydney for the 2014 Australian Pool Rescue Championships from 8-10 August, and we wish him all the best!

Beenleigh Eisteddfod Awards

Congratulations to the very talented Hall family for their recent success in the Beenleigh Eisteddfod. Stephanie Hall received 2nd place in the Examination Grade 6 Piano section for her performance of Chopin's Mazurka in F Minor. Stephanie also received a Highly Commended in the Piano Solo section for her performance of Debussy's Minstrel's Prelude.

Michael Hall also received 2nd Place in the Examination Grade 5 Piano section for his performance of Schumann's Phantasietanz. Well done to both Stephanie and Michael!



Congratulations also to Rena Matsunawa in Year 8, who recently was awarded $500 as runner-up in the Bendigo Bank Instrumental Scholarship (13 Years and Over) section at the Beenleigh Eisteddfod. Rena performed beautifully on both piano and violin and was the youngest competitor in this category. Well done Rena! 


An Enriching Business Experience  - 8 August 2014

The wonderful experience of the Bond University and A.B. Paterson College Australian Business Week 2014 was enjoyed by all Year 11 students in Week 2 this term. It is an annual event of the College, aiming to allow students to share new experiences and find different personal strengths, as well as providing a range of leadership opportunities.

This authentic activity of running a business and launching a new product operates with the significant support of a band of Business and Teacher Mentors each year.

Twelve local business men and women, together with teaching staff from the College,  generously donated their time as Mentors during the week to advise and support students in their decision-making. Dr Baden U’Ren, from the Faculty of Business at Bond University presented mentors and students with awards. Our thanks to all the mentors for their time, guidance and expertise. 

Winners of Trade Display Grand Champion Team 2014: Alpha 11

Joint CEOs: Annika Harrison and Thomas Sebecke

Mentors: Debbie De Villiers and Michael O’Dwyer

Bond University Faculty of Business is the major sponsor of the event, funding all first prizes received by students.

Additional sponsors of the event were: Autobarn Logan City, Tropical Fruit World, ADCO Constructions, Eagers Holden, Medland Orthodontics, Nerang Tiles, The Advanced Group, BankWest Business, Future Assist and ADGCE.

We thank our generous sponsors, as they provide prizes and fund operating costs, including the sausage sizzle at the end of the week.

 Australian Business Week was a week full of everything: designing, creating, planning, talking, laughing, eating and learning. We learnt skills that were not only vital for our education and everyday lives, but also it gave me the ideas and experience to try and accomplish my life-long dream – to become a successful entrepreneur. The programme had a certain area where each individual could easily fit into – a role for everyone. From the computer simulation and written reports to the trade displays and oral presentations, I truly enjoyed every aspect of the week as it offered something new, exciting and amazing.

Thuvarakan Muthukkumarasamy - CEO Company 5, Hydracells Skin Protector


During Australian Business Week, I have learned that teamwork is vital in making correct decisions. The most enjoyable experience was enticing other consumers to buy our product during the trade display.  It was a competitive event and really lifted everyone’s work ethic. I now understand the basic fundamentals of business.

Luke de Boer – Company 2, O.A.R Technology



HPE teacher talks about his life as an elite athlete - 18 July 2014

Teacher and past student of  A.B. Paterson College, Matthew Stopel, is one of Australia's top discus throw athletes. In his own words, Matthew talks about his passion for his chosen sport and how that is translating into his love of coaching young students at the College. 

My discus throwing career started at A.B Paterson College in 1999. My first experience of discus throwing was at the Junior School Athletics Carnival, where I broke the 9 year olds record after a quick lesson from the teachers on the event. From there, my passion for the event and the sport of athletics has grown into what it is today. 

The sport has given me the opportunity to travel and train with the best in the world. In 2009, I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan with my coach to train with the Olympic and World Champion Hammer Thrower, Koji Murofushi. The experience I gained was invaluable and informs my practice as an athlete and a coach today.  I currently train 12-15 hours per week, which includes technique, throwing and strength training through Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting. As a discus thrower, I am young; many world class athletes compete into their thirties and I plan to do the same. 

My achievements to date include representing Australia at the Commonwealth Youth Games in India (2008) for Discus and Hammer Throw, and achieving the standard to be included in the IAAF World Discus Rankings in U18 (2007), U20 (2009) and, most recently, the Open Age rankings in 2013. This year I was not selected in the Commonwealth Games team to compete in Glasgow, despite achieving the entry standard. 2014 was my first year competing in the Australian Athletics Tour Meets, which gave me the opportunity to travel around the country to compete against the best in Australia. I am currently ranked 4th on the Australian rankings. 

Achieving my goals would not have been possible without the long term support and guidance of my coach, Brett Green. To date, I have been training with him for 12 years and I look forward to sharing the highs and lows of training and competitions with him for years to come.  The knowledge he has passed on to me has allowed me to become a successful independent athlete and a throws’ coach. I really enjoy coaching throws, as I am able to pass on my knowledge and experience to the younger generation of throwers. 

I have my eyes set on competing at the 2017 World Championships to be held in London, and then the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. It would be an honour and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete in my own city with my friends and family there to support.   

When I started out, throwing provided me with a sense of belonging. I have formed great friendships that still exist today and I hope that I can help others feel that same sense of community and personal achievement that I have experienced. 



Winton Traveller's Tales - 18 July 2014

Day 7

After lots of cool weather, it was great to spend the day in the warm sunshine! Today we spent the morning in Rubyvale, where we went into an underground sapphire mine and then had some time to fossick for our own. Most of us found some sapphires, but the prize for the largest blue sapphire went to Mr Bartlett - well done!

Off to the coast in the afternoon, the sun setting as we arrived at Kinka beach. Tomorrow, we will visit the Capricorn Caves. Our final activity for the camp is the Outback Factor tomorrow night - our famous talent show. Can't believe camp is almost over for another year!


Day 6

 Today our campers were up early to pack and head to historic Barcaldine. Here we visited the Worker's Heritage Centre to find out a little more about the Great Shearers' strike of the late 1800s, and something about life in general in 19th century outback Queensland.

We also went and sat beneath the monument to the Tree of Knowledge. Tonight's stay is at Emerald. Everyone is looking forward to going to Rubyvale in the morning to fossick for sapphires - we're all hoping to strike it rich!

Days 4 & 5

This weekend we have been in Winton and have had a great time wandering around the town, checking out the shops, visiting the Waltzing Matilda Centre and the Age of Dinosaurs museum.

On Sunday morning, we performed in our second concert for the people of Winton and drove out to the Combo Waterhole, part of the inspiration for Banjo Paterson's poem Waltzing Matilda, which has inspired so many Australians.

Tomorrow (Monday), we will break camp and head for Emerald, visiting Barcaldine along the way.

Day 3

Wow, what a busy day we've had! Our day started at 6am with a morning walk to watch the sun rise over the plains. It was pretty chilly, so we were all rugged up in our jackets and beanies. After bacon and eggs for breakfast, we visited the Longreach School of Distance Education to find out how outback children are educated. We then watched a Stockman's Show and visited the Longreach Stockman's Hall of Fame. While we were there, Mike from the Royal Flying Doctor Service came to see us and gratefully accepted our cheque from the proceeds of the Year 6 Sausage Sizzle. Later in the afternoon, we visited the Qantas Museum to learn all about the origins of our iconic airline, followed by a quick tour of the town centre. The finale to our day was giving our first concert to over 100 Longreach travellers where we were given a rousing cheer. Early to bed tonight, because we break camp tomorrow morning and head to Winton!

Day 2 - Heading to Longreach

After a chilly start at Mitchell this morning, we set off for Longreach. Along the way we stopped at the scenic outback towns of Augathella and Blackall for morning tea and lunch. Highlights of our drive today were seeing so many emus and kangaroos along the way. Already we can see the change in the landscape, it is very flat, dry and treeless. Once we reached Longreach, we all had a crash course in setting up our tents - that was lots of fun! Early night tonight after some hot chocolate, because we have a big day tomorrow at the Qantas Museum, The Stockman's Hall of fame and our first concert of the trip - everyone is very excited!


Day 1

Great trip to Mitchell today, we made excellent time and managed to get to the Artesian Spa early so the children were able to have a long swim in the warm water - great way to unwind after a day of travel. After dinner and dessert, we unrolled our sleeping bags and set up stretchers and settled in for a well deserved rest. Looking forward to our next destination, Longreach tomorrow.

Commonwealth Games Flag Handover Ceremony Art Submissions - 19 June 2014

On 3 August 2014, in Scotland, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will come to an end with an exciting Closing Ceremony. The Gold Coast, as the next Commonwealth Games host city, will be officially handed the Commonwealth Games Flag as part of the Flag Handover Ceremony. 

This ceremony will feature a special ‘Gold Coast’ performance, produced by David Atkins Enterprises, with Gold Coast performers and recently appointed headline talent, Jessica Mauboy.

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation and David Atkins Enterprises have given Gold Coast Primary School students the opportunity to make a unique and valuable contribution to the Flag Handover Ceremony production. 

Students aged 8-12 years were invited to submit a piece of art in one (or all) of the categories listed below.

One piece of art in each of the eight categories will be selected to feature in the Flag Handover Ceremony.

 A.B. Paterson College students’ artwork selected in seven of the eight categories to be submitted are:

 Category 1: Globe Adam Reiner Year 4

Globe: An image of the world showing both Glasgow and the Gold Coast

Category 2: The Surfer Monique Jeynes Year 6

The Surfer: An image of a Gold Coast surfer catching a wave

Category 3: Beach David Ho Year 3

Beach: An image including one or all of the following Gold Coast elements: oceans, waves, surfers, beaches or lifesavers.


Category 4: Hinterland Cherry Ge Year 2

Hinterland: An image including one or all of the following Gold Coast elements: rainforests, bushes, creatures, flora or fauna.

Category 5: Culture Emily Thomas Year 6

Culture: An image of the Gold Coast:

Actor/singer/band in performance, or

Painter in action, or

Sculptor at work, or

Painting hanging in a gallery or a sculpture

Category 6: Athlete Jenna ten Bohmer Year 4

Athlete: An image of a Commonwealth Games athlete (any sport) in action

Category 7: Skyline Alexandria Tapsall Year 6

Skyline: An image of the iconic Gold Coast skyline

Thank you to Visual Art teacher, Jackie Bennett, for co-ordinating this work.


Awards & Achievements 19 June 2014

Annual Swimming Gold Coast Awards

Congratulations to Thomas Buenano-Thompson (Year 7) and Harrison Buenano-Thompson (Year 4).

Thomas and Harrison attended the Annual Swimming Gold Coast Awards on Sunday, 15 June. Harrison was awarded the Overall Season Boys’ 8 years Age Champion and Thomas the Overall Season Boys’ 10 years Age Champion.

It was a great finish to the 2013/2014 swim season! Well done Thomas and Harrison!


Congratulations also to Marcus Amerena of Year 2. 

Marcus has made an achievement in Taekwondo, being graded from a white belt to a yellow belt at Muir's Taekwondo this week. Well done Marcus!


 Young Rugby Players Star at Suncorp Stadium 13 June 2014

In a pre-match Rugby Union opener to the main Wallabies v France game last Saturday evening, a group of A.B. Paterson College students playing for the Under 10 Griffith University Knights Rugby Union team took to the turf of Suncorp Stadium against Ormiston College and won three tries to two.

A winning night all round! Well done boys!



Performing Arts Showcase 13 June 2014

Following the postponement of our Musical for 2014 (now 8-11 October), we are delighted to invite you to a Performing Arts evening to be held at the Dunlop Multi-Purpose Centre at 6:00pm on Tuesday, 17 June.

All students in Years 1, 2 and 3 will be involved (as members of their year level choirs), as will all other choral students from Years 4-12. Members of various instrumental and dance ensembles will also be showcasing their talents. 

We look forward to welcoming you to a wonderful evening of entertainment to celebrate your child’s learning journey in the Arts.


Muddy Athletics to Precision Gymnastics to Basketball Award ! 6 June 2014

Gold Coast Mini Mudd Rush

Congratulations to Brooke Whittington (Year 6), Abigail Jones (Year 7) and Benjamin Jones (Year 8)

Brooke, Abigail and Benjamin participated in the first Gold Coast Mini Mudd Rush last weekend. They completed a 5km obstacle course, crawling through tunnels, climbing over hay bales, jumping into ice baths and working through a maze – with lots of mud along the way! 


Australian Gymnastics Championships

Congratulations to Akina Kinja of Year 6S

Akina competed at Australian Gymnastics Championships, in Melbourne last week. 

She achieved 2nd place in Level 8 Acrobatic Gymnastics. Well done Akina!



Basketball – Best Defender Award

Congratulations to Charlotte Boyd of Year 6.


The Seahawks Gold Coast Basketball Club held their representative awards night last Saturday night. Charlotte, who played in the U12 Girls’ team, received the award for ‘Best Defender’ in her team for the season. Well done Charlotte!


 ...Or Sport! 30 May 2014

Jared de Vries (Year 11) has been selected to represent the Queensland Schools Water Polo Team, when they compete in the National Schools Water Polo Championships in Noosa, from 2-6 June 2014.  Congratulations, Jared!


 At the Warwick Pentath-Run, on Saturday, 24 May, Dylan Foote (Year 4) ran a 4.6km cross country race. Dylan placed 3rd in the under 10 year boys, in a time of 26:04.93.  Well done Dylan!


It's All About the Music! 30 May 2014

Congratulations to Aric Kruger (Year 10), Isobella Kruger (Year 8) and Breeanna Lavin (Year 10)  Aric, Isobella and Breeanna performed at the Queensland Vocal Competition last Sunday, which was held at Brisbane Girls' Grammar School.   

Performances by all three students were of an excellent standard and Isobella was awarded a third place in the Junior division. 

 The big winner of the day, though, was Aric Kruger who took out a first place in the Intermediate division. An amazing result! Well done Aric!



Congratulations to Maya Bose (Year 5)

 Maya received the following awards at MTAQ Composers’ Competition last weekend in Gold Coast:

10 years Composer’s Award: 1st Place

Open Junior 17 years and under Audio Visual composer’s Award: 1st place 

Dulcie Holland Award to a Junior



State Philosothon 23 May 2014

On Saturday, 17 May, eight of our most outstanding Year 10 and 11 students attended the State Philosothon at the University of Queensland. 

Philosothon is a programme designed to develop the ability of students to critically analyse ideas and concepts, improve skills in argumentation and to collaboratively explore philosophical issues. The Philosothon has developed a significant profile over the last few years both nationally and internationally. Private and state schools compete, and participants are judged on the quality of their synthesis, their ability to develop ideas collaboratively, and to use the methodology of philosophy to think critically about issues. 

A.B. Paterson College representatives for 2014 were: Bryan Parsons, Erika Spanos, Emily Selleck, Thuvarakan Muthukkumarasamy, Sheridan Tapsall, Benjamin Devine, Malak Habib and Mohanapiriyan Muthukkumarasamy.

We all enjoyed it so much that we are looking to start a Philosophy Club!



Senior Cross Country Runners Win 2014 APS Percentage Trophy 23 May 2014

Congratulations to our dedicated Cross Country runners, who proudly represented the College at the recent APS Cross Country Carnival.

The highlight of the day was the winning of the Percentage Trophy by our Senior Cross Country team who placed fourth on aggregate.

Team and individual results can be seen below. Well done to all athletes who ran as  members of the A.B. Paterson College Senior and Junior Cross Country squads.

Senior Individual Age Champions:                                     

Harley Nielsen  3rd place 13 Years