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Archived News Items

“YOUth Skills” Lead the Way - 24 October 2014

Year 9 have been enjoying the time they have spent together as a cohort, working on developing leadership, study skills and team working abilities through a series of activities and events. They started off in the Collaborative Learning Centre bringing together all of their expertise in technology and group strategies to create a “Leadership Product”. They also were involved in presentations from outside group Elevate Education, before being challenged both personally, and as a House, in House activities. Please read on to hear what the Year 9s had to say:

In the session from Elevate Education, we learned how to study efficiently to get the best results. Things like doing a small amount of physical exercise before study to get your brain going, or only to study for short amounts of time because it is more efficient. Aaron Dirkx – Lawson House

For the Year 9 Special Workshop, to define leadership, we decided to visit different classes throughout the Junior School to gather a concept of what leadership is, and what being a leader truly means. From everything that the students said, we believe that leadership means putting others before yourself, leading people with care, ambiguity and empathy, putting others feelings before yours and making a difference, even if it is through the simplest things. 

From this definition, we built a website and created a video which embodies this meaning of leadership. The website included helpful tips for being a leader and plenty of motivation to do so. The video featured the children we interviewed from Junior School and their views of leadership and being a leader.  Abigail Marshall – Mackellar House

The seminar provided by Elevate Education taught us different ways and methods to retain memory in an effort to aid us in our studies. We were taught about semantic learning, a method in which we used our previous knowledge to help us understand things that we had not learnt yet. Overall, the tips and tricks that we were given will help us study, revise and learn in a much more efficient and easier way.

Our group’s idea for the Leadership Product was to create a short comic documentary, where Mr Andrews discussed the different aspects of being a leader. Our documentary's purpose is to entertain, while also teaching viewers about what makes a good leader and how to be a good leader. Paul Oh – Lawson House

Our group found that the seminar was very informative, helpful and effective for our future studies. It was entertaining and enjoyable, while providing us with crucial knowledge. Kyle Smith – Wright House

The students spent the afternoon with their teachers working on leading through co-operation and breaking peer and personal boundaries – and learnt a lot about themselves, leadership and others in the process. Thanks to Mr Dilkes and Ms Simmonds, who set up the events for the afternoon.

 News from the Junior School Classrooms - 24 October 2014

In science this term, Year 1 students have been working on a unit called: ‘Change it, Shape it, Bake it’ where they are investigating how everyday materials can be changed. Last week, they investigated the properties of spaghetti before and after it had been changed by cooking. Their challenge was to build the tallest spaghetti tower, using only uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows. They discovered uncooked spaghetti breaks very easily and does not bend without breaking! 

“It was really hard to get the tower to stand up. You had to build the bottom first, then, when you built the top, it fell down because it was too heavy!”  

“I enjoyed making spaghetti towers because it was really hard and I like brain teasing challenges. It was hard to make because it kept on falling down” 

“I liked making the spaghetti towers because you get to share ideas. When we got our ideas together, we made a good tower!”  

Year 1 students also visited the Senior School Science Laboratory with Dr Thomas this week. In class, students have been learning how food items can be changed through processes such as melting, freezing etc, as in the investigation described above. 

Dr Thomas used dry ice to show students some amazing changes!

He made a tower of bubbles and even created giant bubbles that turned into a steamy white gas when they popped.

He then put dry ice into green cordial (which made it look like a monster drink) and made the teachers drink it! Dr Thomas also made a purple liquid change into lots of different colours. He made a clear liquid turn black without touching it, right before our very eyes! The highlight of our visit was a helium balloon that Dr Thomas set on fire, making a loud explosion on the ceiling.

After our visit, we are sure to have many budding scientists in Year 1!

“Doctor Thomas made a potion and it changed colour straight away!”

“The highlight of my visit was when Miss Brewster drank the green monster drink. She didn’t turn into a monster.”

“I liked the balloon because it was loud.”

“It looked like normal water, but then it went black!”

“The chemicals made different colours.”


Term 4 Gets Underway in the Junior School - 17 October 2014

Term 4 is well underway with students being thoroughly involved in a range of learning activities. It was an absolute delight to see so many of our Junior School students singing and dancing in the College musical. I thank our talented Arts Faculty teachers for the amazing job they do with our young children, and for ensuring they have such amazing opportunities to be included and perform. 

This term, we welcome many visitors to the College, including prospective Prep families for Prep interviews; our new students and families commencing in Prep – Year 6 for 2015, for Orientation Day; and many hundreds of Grandparents and Special Friends who will visit us in a few weeks’ time. We celebrate the times to include our family, friends and broader community here at the College, and it is also a great opportunity for our students to take on leadership roles in helping the smooth running of these events. 

Our new Prep classroom, library and playground building construction is coming along well. It was very interesting for us all to see the big advancements made during the holiday period. Our Prep students have shared some of their thoughts below:

“After the holidays, when we came back to school…”

“The builders are moving the fences. The grass has gone and the new building looks good. The builders are busy working.”Ruvindu Siriwardana

“The building is getting bigger. There is dirt and machines where the playground used to be.” Sumaiya Jamal

“The playground was gone and now there’s lots of dirt everywhere. The diggers are digging up lots of dirt and moving it.”Noah McQueen

“The builders had put the roof on the new Prep building and nearly built the walls. It was where the tennis courts used to be. In our playground there is a big pile of dirt now and the fence has been moved.”  Nicholas Kenworthy

“Last time the building didn't even have a bit of a roof on it.” Hamish Canning

“I see the stairs are new on the Prep building.” Ben Gauld


Return to the Forbidden Planet - Musical An Outstanding Success - 17 October 2014

The College Musical for 2014 was a rousing success, with over 280 students from the Junior and Senior schools involved in the four productions. 

On Wednesday afternoon, the students presented their dress rehearsal to community members at a charity matinee. The enthusiasm of both the students and audience provided an electric atmosphere for all involved and inspired the cast to lift even further for the evening performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

A sincere thank you must go to all of the on-stage, band, backstage, front-of-house and creative crew students for their dedication to the production; the lovely volunteer parents who assisted with costuming, make-up and hair styling; the kind and patient staff who assisted with student supervision; the Parents and Friends who provided refreshments during intermission; and the amazing staff of the Performing Arts Faculty, who worked so hard as a team to create such an energetic and rewarding experience for our students. Special thanks to the following staff for their months of preparation leading up to the production: 

Musical Director             Andrew Montfroy

Director of Drama     Jacqui Fry

Director of Dance     Emily Fletcher

Director of Choirs     Rachel Newcombe

Creative Director             Barry Voevodin

Stage Manager             Lana Milton

Wardrobe Manager       Lisa Wise

Technical Team             Marshall McAdam

Production Team             Callie Hewitt

                                    Ann Dye

                                     Deanna Handley 


Ride for Harri - Last Leg - Welcome Back!

Wednesday 8 October Pottsville - A.B. Paterson College

Peter Brookes returns home to a spirited College welcome having raised $17,000 for his charity Harri's Hope.

 The Ride for Harri

I am writing this in my own house, on my own couch, having just seen myself on the news. It all feels very strange. Tomorrow I don't have to wear lycra - a blessing for us all! - and I don't have to ride anywhere.

To finish my ride at College today was a wonderful end to an amazing experience. I have done something few, including myself, would have thought me capable. I have always been a team sportsman - give me a ball to chase around and I would run all day. To complete an individual, endurance challenge is not something I would have considered five years ago.

Thankfully, cycling allows an old body with useless knees to exercise and, whilst it is an individual activity, it is one that introduces you to other people. This ride has been a series of encounters, starting with my introduction to the amazing Creevey family and their son, Harri. They call their charity Harri's HOPE, and you could not meet a group of people who personify the power of hope more than Kim and Matt Creevey.  Whenever things got tough, and the first couple of days were very tough mentally, things would soon be put into perspective when I reminded myself of the positivity of Harri and his family.

So, to see Harri and Matt at the end of this ride was a great ending point. The students and staff who have got behind the fundraising efforts have a done a wonderful thing. They have turned the concept of hope into a tangible outcome for Harri and others like him. That is what will make the difference, not a 41 year old riding a bike.

Thank you to Mr Grimes for strong support of everything that has happened. So much of what has been achieved would not have been possible if he hadn't taken a personal interest in the fundraising, and the fact that he pledged $1500 to cover the costs of the ride means that all the money raised will go directly to Harri's HOPE.

Thank you to Miss Jennifer Jackson for putting the mighty spirit of Wright House into action, the community of A.B. Paterson was galvanised by the efforts of some of our senior students; the Tour de Harri coin road was an amazing sight, especially given it was Harri's birthday.

Thank you to everyone who offered an encouraging word before I left, made a donation, made a coin bike, bought a cake or clapped me home today. It has been an experience I will never forget, especially as my daughter dragged the giant cheque home with her.


Ride for Harri - See You Tomorrow!  Day 10

Tuesday 7 October Woodburn  - Pottsville 107km

Safely into Pottsville for the last sleep before I get home. A much tougher ride than I was expecting today, thanks to some northerly winds and a GPS that seems to determined to find every steep hill within 10km. Somehow today it managed to include the hills around Mullumbimby as part of a route from Byron Bay to Pottsville. It meant more time spent in the beautiful countryside of northern NSW -  and some very tired legs by the time we finished.

Tomorrow I can have a bit of a lie in before heading back for the 1:30pm finish at school. Hopefully there won't be too much fuss, as the emphasis needs to be on Harri and his family. They have been through, and achieved, so much more than a simple bike ride.

Monday 6 October Grafton - Woodburn  96km

Today was a mixed bag. It started with a beautiful 44km ride to Maclean along country and riverside roads, that offered evermore evidence of what a wonderful part of the world we live in. The entire trip so far has been characterised by the friendliness of the people I have encountered, the beauty of the countryside, and the bumpiness of the roads, including a bridge with so many gaps in it that bikes have to be walked across.

The second half was less enjoyable as it was a highway slog to Ballina alongside the returning bank holiday traffic; as such there was little time to take in the scenery.  By the end of trip, we were safely in Ballina in time for a family lunch before the kids returned home with their grandparents. It wasn't quite as hard to say goodbye, as we are only 160km and two days apart. It seems an age since I left them to catch a train to Sydney.

Tomorrow will start with a ride on the coast road to Byron Bay. As it is the first official day of my long service leave, some of my colleagues returning to work may receive more regular updates when I stop for a coffee by the beach!

After that it is on to Pottsville for the last sleep before finishing the ride.

 The Ride for Harri

Sunday 5 October Coffs Harbour - Grafton 87km


Leaving Coffs behind!

Today was one of the shortest rides of the trip, but also one of the hardest. The beautiful southerlies that blew me into Port Macquari, Nambucca Heads and to a lesser extent Coffs Harbour have deserted me. Today was all into the wind and was all hills. I am beginning to dislike descending almost as much as climbing, as it is clear in cycling the rule is what goes down, will have to go back up again.


I had a bit of a shock this morning, as I forgot about the clocks going forwards in NSW, so starting bright an early, at what we thought was 6am, turned out to be 7am and a bit busier on the Pacific Highway. It was also a shock for the ladies in the coffee shop we stopped at, who were wondering why they hadn't had any customers in the first hour they'd been open!

Tonight will be a family Grand Final experience, as we still have the kids and Leanne's folks with us till tomorrow. After a lunch together at Woodburn, they will leave us to head back to Arundel, Sam has school on Tuesday. Leanne and I, with a possible special guest, will then ride the last couple of days back to AB. It is hard to imagine that this time last week, I was just arriving at The Entrance at the end of Day 1, and there three days to go. I am really looking forward to riding down Arundel Drive.

 The Ride for Harri

Friday 3 October: Nambucca Heads to Coffs Harbour 60km

A shorter journey today, so I made the mistake of leaving later, meaning I had to cope with busier traffic and stronger winds...a rookie mistake. There were also roadworks along the way, so I can't really comment on the scenery, as I was too scared to look at anything but the road surface ahead of me. I now have a day off tomorrow and, from Sunday, my wife will be riding with me. The bonus of company being tempered by the fact my wife is a LOT fitter than me and very competitive. I have said it's not a race.... she just smiles...

 The Ride for Harri

Thursday 2 October: Port Macquarie to Nambucca Heads 101km

A long trip today, over 100 km again. However, with Leanne here with a car, at least the bags can go in the car and not on the back of the bike. Although the extra surface area did come in handy the day before when the wind was behind me! And, yes, before all the witty emails arrive, I know surface area is not something I am short of! Many thanks to those people who have sent emails of support and encouragement. It makes more of a difference than I thought it would to open the emails and see people have taken time to read the blog and send a message.

Nambucca Heads is a beautiful place, one of the bonuses of this ride is the growing list of places I will return to (by car).

The Ride for Harri

Wednesday 1 October: Nabiac to Port Macquarie 120km

Today was a great day, a long ride through some beautiful scenery between Nabiac and Port Macquarie. The ride was along the Pacific Highway and, for the first time, the wind was behind me, so I was able to get the 120km done in under four and a half hours.

Stopping off at rest stops, I am meeting some great Aussie characters, lots of caravanning couples with stories to tell. They are all interested in, and affected by, Harri's story. I've had more than one offer to stow away in a caravan; my will power has held so far.

My wife joined me today, she is going to drive in support for a couple of days. Her parents are bringing out kids to meet us in Coffs Harbour, I can't wait to see them, and I'm also looking forward to a day out of the saddle on Saturday!

Tomorrow is a long ride up to Nambucca Heads; hopefully, the wind will be with me again.

The Ride for Harri

Tuesday 30 September: Tea Gardens to Nabiac 86km

Today was a shorter ride, it started with a beautiful serene ferry ride from Nelson Bay. A couple of dolphins accompanied the boat across the bay and I managed to get some route advice from the crew, who also returned my fare to donate to Harri.

It was a hot and hilly ride, but the road was great so the sore legs didn't feel too bad, until I saw the sign saying it was 700km to Brisbane, then they got sore again.

The money raised from the Tour de Harri and bake sale was added to the official tally today, taking the total over $15,000. This provided even more motivation to get the ride done, so tomorrow will be another long ride, 120km to get to Port Macquarie, where I will meet up with my wife Leanne, who will driving in support for the next few days till I get to Coffs Harbour.

The Ride for Harri

Monday  29 September:  The Entrance to Nelson Bay via Newcastle 118km

A long ride today, 118km from The Entrance to Nelson Bay via Newcastle. My GPS decided to take me on a scenic detour today; it seems intent on searching out as many hills as possible - we have had words. My legs are certainly feeling the strain now and I have to admit that I'm not looking forward to sitting on a saddle first thing in the morning! Thankfully there are no time constraints for the rest of the ride, so I can afford to take rests along the way.

On the plus side, that's over 200km covered and another day closer to being home, and with my family. And considering what the families of children with ABI deal with on a daily basis, a few aches and pains aren't that bad.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 30 degrees, so plenty of water tomorrow for a day riding on the Pacific Highway to get to Nabiac.

The Ride for Harri

Sunday  28 September: Sydney Opera House to The Entrance 99km

Sitting in my hotel room in The Entrance after a very hectic day. Today is the only day when time, as well as distance, was anissue. I arrived in Sydney at 7am, having discovered thatsleeper train is an oxymoron, I had three hours to kill waiting forthe bike shop to open then, when I arrived to get the 11:30 Manly ferry, everyone else in Sydney had the same idea, so I had to wait for the 12pm boat.  This had the knock-on effect of my missing the 2pm Palm Beach ferry, so I didn't roll in to The Entrance till 5:30pm.

It feels good to be finally riding, actually earning the money that people have so generously donated. Just under 90km covered today, and my legs don't feel too bad -  at the moment.

Big day tomorrow, over 100km from the Entrance to Nelson Bay, so I hope to be riding from 5:30am to avoid the worst of the wind.

The Ride for Harri



Saturday, 27 September, 9.05pm

As I write I am sat on a train outside Grafton on the way to Sydney. I am excited and nervous, keen to get on with it and start the actual ride. Saying goodbye to my family was hard, but I will see them soon, as long as I don't get lost! My nerves will be tempered by thinking about Harri and his family, as well as all the messages if support I have received.

 I arrive in Sydney at 7am, a bike shop is rebuilding my bike at 10am. The goal for the first day is to get to The Entrance. Depending on how long it takes to re-assemble my bike. A photo of the Opera House taken from the Manly Ferry might have to do for an official start, as this will be the only day of the ride where daylight might be an issue.




 So Much to Celebrate - 10 October 2014


College Family Achievement

A big weekend, last weekend, for the Rosen family who are involved with the Australian Air League Squadron that meets at the College on Monday evenings. 

Elizabeth Rosen, of Year 4, was nominated to compete for a Federal Education Trophy, as the highest achieving female cadet in Queensland by a number of badges attained and average percentage of marks. Elizabeth was announced in 2nd place nationally at the League’s 2014 Federal Review on Saturday.

Her father,  Tim Rosen, was also flown down to Canberra for the weekend by the Australian Air League to perform as Master of Ceremonies at the Federal Review, where he had the honour to meet His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, accompanied by Her Excellency Lady Cosgrove. With over 600 League members, plus spectators attending, the day of competition concluded with a march past, where cadets from around Australia paraded before the Governor-General as Reviewing Officer.

Queensland Calisthenics State Championships

Congratulations to Year 4 students Kiana Prasertsakoun and Holly Radisavlyevic, who recently competed in the Queensland Calisthenics State Championships. Their Sub-Junior team from Helensvale Calisthenic Dance Academy achieved first place in five out of their six routines, placing the team first overall for the Sub-Junior section.

Fantastic effort girls!

Triathlon Pink – Gold Coast Event

Triathlon Pink is an Australian sporting community event for women. The Triathlon Pink goals include challenge, participation and fun, as well as raising funds for breast cancer charities.

Congratulations to Monique Lang of Year 4, who took part in the Triathlon Pink event held at the Runaway Bay Sports Centre last Sunday. This is the fourth time Monique has participated in this charity sports event and was really excited to finish her race with a new personal best.

Monique placed 11/114 out of all the children in her age category, coming in 4th place out of the 63 girl participants. Well done Monique!


Celebrating Student Success - 19 September 2014

Young Masterminds Programme 

Congratulations to Lily Durdev, Year 4

Lily  recently graduated from the Young Masterminds Programme held at University of Queensland in St Lucia. The eight session programme focused on the extension of maths and science knowledge through investigation and experiments, to enhance scientific thinking skills and mathematical understandings. Each week the participants were provided with a set of 10 complex and challenging mathematical problems to solve, and return the solutions. Lily achieved second place overall in the programme and was awarded a gift certificate for her achievement. Well done Lily!

Showcase Regional Dance Championships 

 Congratulations to Breeanna Lavin (Year 10) and Hayley Lavin (Year 5)

The girls had a very successful weekend competing at the Showcase Regional Dance Championships, and both qualified for Nationals at Showcase National Dance Championships. 

Breeanna qualified in all senior sections for Nationals with Gold Awards in Broadway Jazz, Miss Future Broadway Star, Tap, Song and Dance and Waltz Tap. Then on top of that, she placed 1st in Waltz Tap, 3rd in Broadway Jazz, 3rd in Miss Future Broadway Star, as well as qualifying for Dancer of the Year! 


Hayley qualified in all junior sections with Gold Awards in Tap, Ballet, Lyrical and Jazz. She then placed 2nd in Ballet, 2nd in Tap and 3rd in Lyrical. Hayley placed 3rd overall out of all the dancers who competed, and received a special award for Most Beautiful Lines. She also qualified for Dancer of the Year.


The girls had a fantastic weekend and cannot wait to compete at Nationals in January 2015. 

Hockey Finals

 Congratulations to Alexander Rosen, Year 7


Alexander is a member of the Burleigh Hockey Club team, the Tomahawks. Last Friday, his team played in the Under 14 Boys' Grand Final at the Gold Coast Hockey Centre. After a very tightly contested game, Alexander’s team won 3-1 against Labrador Gold, to finish the season as undefeated Under 14 Boys' Premiers. Well done to Alexander and his team!

Appointment by Southport Yacht Club

 Congratulations to Justin Wise (Year 9), who has been elected as Junior Vice Commodore of the Southport Yacht Club. This position is for the next two years and, amongst officiating at various events, he also acts as a mentor for the junior sailors each Sunday morning. Last weekend he took the salute with the Commodore and other office holders at the Southport Yacht Club for the annual blessing of the fleet. This was to officially commence the sailing season. Well done, Justin!


Konnichiwa こんにちは from Japan  - 19 September 2014

Our tourists arrived safely in Japan after a great flight.  The Dreamliner plane was just lovely with quite a bit of room to move around. The first day took the group on a pilgrimage  of self-discovery to the Buddhist monastery (via the convince store for snacks!!).

Here are a selection of images from the amazing sites that have been visited to date. Enjoy!

Halloween at Universal Studios Osaka.

Umeda sky tower one of the top 25 buildings in the world.

Dancing in mid-town Osaka being filmed for a local TV channel.

Photos of our pilgrimage to Mount Konya in Wakayama Prefecture on second night.

We learnt not only about Japan's Buddhist roots, but more about the Japanese spirit and it heightened our own spiritual awareness.

Water shot is purification before entering temple.

Food at the Buddhist temple that the monks eat.

Giant coffee cup is grave of all company employees that have passed on from that coffee maker company.

A couple of happy snaps!


 Birralee Singers Choral Exchange - 12 September 2014

With Invited Guest Artist/Composer, Mr Paul Jarman

A.B. Paterson College hosted a choral exchange on 6 and 7 September, in the Dawn Lang Performing Arts Centre. This weekend was an exciting collaboration between Birralee Singers and choristers from our Junior and Intermediate Choirs here at the College.

Birralee Singers is the one of Voices of Birralee’s six ensembles – their ages range from 10-15 years. Voices of Birralee is the leading children’s and youth choral association in Queensland, if not Australia. Ms Julie Christiansen OAM, Artistic Director of Voices of Birralee, welcomed and attended this collaborative weekend, and Mr Paul Jarman, a widely acclaimed Australian composer and performing artist, accepted the invitation to be involved in this unique collaboration, and attended for the entire weekend to work with all choristers involved. All participants performed a number of his works, alongside each respective choir’s own chosen works.

The students that participated are to be congratulated on their outstanding contribution to the Birralee Singers/A.B. Paterson College Choral weekend.

What they managed to achieve in two days was incredible and the sound that they made was simply gorgeous. Their concert on the Sunday afternoon was a delightful way to conclude the weekend.

All participants epitomised what our College’s ethos represents – in this case, Excellence in Singing, genuine Care for one another and total Commitment to everything the students wished to achieve.

See below a series of student responses from the weekend:

“The weekend with the Birralee choir was fun and exciting. The activities we did were really fun. I also liked my billets Holly and Isabella. They were very nice and the experience on the weekend was very memorable.” Bailey - Year 7

“I thought that the weekend was really fun. I enjoyed it because I interacted with people I had never met before, and I shared my singing skills with the Birralee choir. I think it was a great opportunity, as we met the composer of the songs we sung and he taught us a lot of things that I hadn’t learned before. I found it very entertaining and extremely fun. Two of the singers stayed with my family and it was really fun, because I now know a little about the Birralee choir.” Tahlia - Year 7

“The Birralee Choir workshop was wonderful! I have learnt so much about singing and have made some new friends. I have to thank everyone who made this workshop possible!” Angie -Year 7

“I thought the Birralee Choir weekend was a wonderful experience, because everyone got to introduce themselves to new kids who are our age and are like-minded to us.” Sarah - Year 7

“I believe this weekend taught us a lot about the care and commitment of each and every one of us and it was great to meet other people who share the same dedication and love to sing/make music!” Emily - Year 7

“I went to Choral weekend last week and it was amazing. All the Birralee Singers were friendly and it was so easy to like them straightaway. All the songs were a stroke of genius and I enjoyed singing every one of them. Thanks to all our great conductors, and I really hope that others can get to do this amazing opportunity next year. It is probably one of my highlights of the year.” Sophia - Year 6


Tour de Harri - On the Road to Success - 12 September 2014

On Wednesday of this week, 10 September, the whole College showed their support once again for Peter Brookes’s ride and the charity ‘Harri’s Hope’, with the creative and inspiring ‘Tour de Harri’ coin trail!



The May Gibbs Courtyard was colourfully decked out in the coloured card, filled with the ‘coin bikes’ of many students, who had brought in their gold coin donation to raise money for the big ride Mr Brookes is undertaking over September/October, whilst he is on Long Service Leave. 


The morning started with the Senior School’s Year 9 students bringing over their tutor group’s coin cards and the ‘road’, that would end with every single tutor group and class from across the whole College, started to take shape. Wright 3 is very proud to be the tutor group who raised the most amount of money, with their big bike! 

Then, as the morning went on, the Junior School came, from Prep right up to Year 6, bringing in their coin bikes of every shape and size imaginable. Some classes had the added delight of seeing Harri and his Dad, Matt, when they visited at about 10 am. The classes, and teachers including Mr Grimes, sang Happy Birthday to Harri and showed Harri and his Dad what we had been up to – building a road just like the one Mr Brookes will be riding when he cycles from Sydney Opera House to our College! Harri and his Dad got to have a piece of amazing Malteser and Kit Kat cake, baked and donated by Year 11 Wright House student, Emma Marsh. Yum!!

Imagine the excitement on everyone’s faces when we learnt that we had raised well over the $1,300 needed to reach $10, 000, which was Mr Brookes’s new goal. The generosity of the College, parents, students and families is overwhelming once again, as today’s coin trail has raised just over $2,600. 

Thank you to the whole College community – the classes, tutor groups and teachers who got behind the ‘Tour de Harri’ coin trail we had on Wednesday. 

The Bake Sale is still to come – on Tuesday, 16 September.

 Year 11 students and some of our parents will be busy baking on Monday night, ready to sell the baked goods on Tuesday during morning tea and lunch time.

All goods are $1 each!


Classical Ballet Dancer Success - 5 September 2014

Congratulations to Year 5 students, Kristen Seale, Alissa Kouzmenkov, Natalia Sanguigno and Soraya Abdel-Aal for their achievements in classical ballet at the Beenleigh and Gold Coast Eisteddfods. The girls attend the Amanda Bollinger Dance Academy.

1st Place  10/U Groups Classical Ballet at Beenleigh Eisteddfod

1st Place  10/U Groups Lyrical at Beenleigh Eisteddfod

3rd Place  10/U Groups Classical Ballet at Gold Coast Eisteddfod

HC  10/U Groups Lyrical at Gold Coast Eisteddfod

Well done to these students on their achievements!

Tour De Harri Update - 5 September 2014

Not long to go now before Wright House tutor, Peter Brookes, sets out on the long bike ride home from Sydney to Arundel, all in the name of charity - Harri's Hope - from 28 September - 8 October.

On Saturday, over the long weekend, a group of students and teachers went along to cook a sausage sizzle for the local community, which was generously donated by Josh McAulay, the butcher at Harbourside Market. Many people came along,   found out about the ride, and were  impressed and touched by what Mr Brookes is going to do.

Mr Brookes was the BBQ cook, along with Mrs Dowd; students Chloe Gash (Year 12 and Wright House Captain), Year 11 students, Amy Cross and Erika Spanos, and Mark Kaddis of Year 10 were there to lend a hand in getting donations for the sausages.

With the $300 dollars raised at the sausage sizzle, the donations are now well over the $7,000 that has been the goal from the start! So now the bar has been raised, and our new goal is $8,500. 

Wright House has been busy, along with Mr Brookes, organising the fundraising events for the big ride. A big thank you to the College community for getting behind the events, which are:

Tour de Harri

Bake Sale on Tuesday, 16 September 

The response to the Tour de Harri idea –  each student is asked to bring in two gold coins and make a ‘bike’. All the bikes created  are then placed together to form one road to be completed for 10 September – has been impressive, from Prep right up to Year 12. Each tutor group in the Senior School is involved and we cannot wait to see the finished road, which will happen during the morning session. Watch this space for some amazing photos.

Do not forget to bring in your coins and make your own bike. 

Be prepared for the Bake Sale on Tuesday, 16 September, when the Year 11s will be selling some yummy goodies, like cookies, cupcakes and brownies, around the major seating areas. 

They are only $1 each.

If you would like to sponsor Peter Brookes in his pledge to support Harri's Hope, you can make a donation at 

No matter how small, or how big the donation, every little bit helps!

Thank you for your support and kind generosity so far.


Debating Grand Final Winners - 29 August 2014

This week saw the culmination of the 2014 GCSSDA debating season with the Grand Finals held at Bond University. It was an exciting and enjoyable evening, and the 30-odd students who came along to cheer our teams on made it more so.

Due to the extensive number of teams who progressed into the finals series, the College won the GCSSDA Champion School shield for 2014.

The Grand Final victors in their relative divisions, below are, from left to right:

Senior B Division Champions: Rear – Ahmad Gundru, Jack Sattler, Thuvarakan Muthukkumarasamy, Saya Tomikawa and Bryan Parsons (Speaker of the Night). Calin Miles (Debating Captain) with the Champion School Trophy.

Intermediate A Division Champions: Rear - Ashley Gee, Emilie Walker; Front – Hollie Cook, Dinu Hewage (Speaker of the Night) and Jessica Winch.


A fine end to a fine season!


Australia’s Model UN Diplomacy Competition - 29 August 2014

As the A.B. Paterson College UN Youth Ambassador, on 16 August, Year 11 student, Lorena Markovic, had the opportunity to take part in