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The College Board

A.B. Paterson College Limited is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and incorporated under the Corporations Act. Every parent or guardian of a student attending the College is eligible to apply to be a member of A.B.Paterson College Limited. The College is completely independent which allows for great flexibility in its operation.

The College is governed by a Board of six Directors elected by members of A.B. Paterson College Ltd, with up to four co-opted directors added by the Board to provide a broadly based set of professional skills and experiences. The Board is responsible for appointing the Principal, developing strategic policy, protecting College assets and approving operating budgets. Directors serve a three year term with two standing down each year on a rotational basis.

The Annual Report is available to members of A.B. Paterson College Limited.

General Policies

A.B. Paterson College complies with all statutory requirements as a company limited by guarantee and as a school.

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