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About Our Staff

Our teachers are committed professionals who aim to be positive role models in life long learning. Our teachers are also actively involved in the College’s pastoral care network, and in the co-curricular programme as coaches, performance directors and mentors, so they can help students achieve a well balanced education.

All teachers are engaged in ongoing professional development to remain current in using the most effective teaching and learning strategies, based on educational research. The Teaching for Understanding framework (Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education) has been adopted because it specifically caters for different learning needs and relates knowledge and understanding to real life situations.

Senior researchers from Project Zero at Harvard work with our teachers regularly either face to face or online and this is supported by in-house workshops throughout the year. Learning and planning are undertaken collaboratively in a shared approach to building knowledge and skills.

Many of our teachers are also engaged in other formal study programmes and contribute actively to their professional associations by giving presentations at conferences and taking leadership roles.

Non-teaching staff attend relevant in-service on various software programmes, use of machinery, and professional conferences. Where applicable they are members of professional associations. All Learning Assistants supporting students in the classroom have relevant certificates or equivalent experience and training.

The College retains consultants as required to assist in compliance matters under Federal and State legislation, and ensures all staff remain current in these important policy areas.

As new staff to the College remark, their colleagues are supportive, encouraging and helpful, and 'along with our great students', make teaching and working at the College enjoyable.