The College

A.B. Paterson College was founded in 1991 by a committee of people from the local community in response to demand for a co-educational, independent school that would offer value-added education at the northern end of the Gold Coast. As an independent school not linked to any system or religion, we have the ability to respond readily to the individual needs of our students and our community.

The decision was made to base the College around the best of Australian values and it was named after an eminent Australian, Andrew Barton Paterson ("Banjo" Paterson). While the College is unique in not promoting religious faith, students' character development is a major focus.

In the Foundation year, 1991, there were 262 students from Prep to Year 9. These classes progressed through until the College reached its full range of year levels, Prep to Year 12, in 1994. The College now enjoys a total student population of 1370 and has reached its full size.

The College's philosophy to base learning on the individual needs of students is supported by its Motto of Excellence, Care and Commitment. The school has become known for achieving high academic, sporting and cultural outcomes in an environment of support and care for each student, and a commitment to plan the College's growth around the students' needs.

In January, 1998, the A.B. Paterson Childcare Centre, now the A.B. Paterson Early Childhood Centre, was opened in response to parental demand. The Centre is licensed for 74 children and has been given the highest national accreditation level. Almost all children at the Centre go on to the College's Prep Year, although a separate application must be made to the College in line with the usual enrolment procedures.

The College is governed by a Board of six Directors elected by parents, with up to four co-opted directors added by the Board to provide a broadly based set of professional skills and experiences. The Board develops policy and is responsible for financial and capital development.

The Principal is responsible for the day to day operation of the College and the Early Childhood Centre and advises the Board on future directions and policy. Staff are selected on the basis of their commitment to the College's goals and philosophy.