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College Captain 2014
Lachlan Woods

I am deeply honoured and humbled to be selected as College Captain of A.B. Paterson College in its 24th year of operation. I am proud of the College that I have attended my entire schooling life and, throughout these years, I have sincerely fostered a love and passion for this school which has provided me with so many opportunities and shaped the person I am today.

This year I look forward to upholding the College motto of Excellence, Care and Commitment and ensuring that A.B. Paterson College continues to be recognised as one of the most prominent education institutions in South East Queensland. I urge each and every student to recognise the power that education possesses, and to finally understand the importance of being involved in every opportunity that is presented, caring for the local communities they are involved in, and striving to achieve maximum potential in all that they do.

A.B. Paterson College is far more than a school – it is a dynamic, growing and progressive community that is consistently seeking the latest technology, the most comprehensive education programmes and the highest quality staff.  A.B. Paterson College is renowned for producing students who are unique, act with character and purpose, have a strong moral compass, and who value and understand Australia’s unique heritage and values.

After joining the A.B. Paterson College community in 2002 at the age of 6 years, the opportunities provided for involvement have been countless. The teachers work tirelessly to support and run the wide range of activities that comprehensively cover the cultural, sporting and academic spheres. These programmes are the foundation for the strong sense of unity that exists within our College community and they have supported and underpinned many of my closest friendships with my peers. Without a doubt, these opportunities are one of the reasons why A.B. Paterson College students continue to compete at both state and national levels in the cultural, sporting and academic domains.

Students at A.B. Paterson College are privileged to be taught using the Teaching for Understanding (TfU) curriculum framework, which ensures students are able to apply the content they learn in class to solving real world situations and problems, thus proving their true understanding of what they have learned. I believe that this unique framework not only sets us apart from various other schools, but also cements the College as one of the leaders in providing pioneering education in the state.  I engage strongly with this teaching and learning framework, and believe that it always ensures students are hungry for a deeper understanding and wanting to approach tasks with different, real world perspectives in mind.

The students at A.B. Paterson College highly value the structure of the school and believe that having a co-educational Prep to Year 12 school on one campus provides us with the chance to make special relationships. Often older students will spend their mornings and lunchtimes with the younger students in the Junior School and, through this interaction, bridges are built between the Senior and Junior Schools. These bridges are mutually beneficial, as they allow the older students to take a leadership role and mentor younger children and, in return, the younger children are able to look up to the older students and genuinely enjoy the time that the seniors spend with them.  This structure again reinforces the community spirit and cohesive network that exists within our school and underpins our strong sense of unity and pride.

On behalf of the Senior Class of 2014, I would like to wish our A.B. Paterson College community the best of luck in 2014 and offer to it our unwavering support and commitment as senior leaders.


College Vice Captain 2014
Makenna Baily

Education is an exciting adventure. It is the beginning, our first opportunity to grow in a friendly and safe environment as unique individuals.

24 years since its foundation, A.B. Paterson College is an independent co-educational institution that continues to pave the way to a brighter future in all aspects of schooling life. The College is underpinned by the motto and values of Excellence, Care and Commitment, which we embody on a daily basis.

With the diverse range of co-curricular activities, academic achievements and cultural opportunities that are offered to us, we are encouraged to delve into as many different programmes as possible. These include clubs, sporting teams, choirs, bands, public speaking and debating competitions, annual musicals, involving students from Years 4–12, and a number of local, national and international academic competitions; clearly there is something for everyone, as each individual is encouraged to partake in a variety of these incredible experiences. By fostering the development of young leaders to acquire a range of skills, interests and a broader perspective on life, staff, parents, friends and members of the wider community take an active involvement in supporting our growth and learning.

The College turned a new page in 2013 by implementing the development of a Collaborative Learning Programme. It initially issued students in Years 4–6 with slates and officially opened the Collaborative Learning Centre, home to a number of interactive HeuLab smart tables. With the rapid advancement of technology in modern society, the College has successfully seized the opportunity to be at the forefront of education. With aspirations to distribute approximately 1,400 devices to staff and students in the Junior and Senior Schools in 2014, the College aims to pursue the values of communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Having been a member of the College since 2002 as a Prep student, I am truly grateful for the environment that I have been fortunate enough to flourish in. By seizing every opportunity that I have been offered, I can confidently state that the College’s encouraging nature has shaped the individual that I am today. In only a short period of time, I have seen the College’s ethos continually expand and have watched others progress into ambitious, passionate and unique young men and women. 2014 will be another successful year at A. B. Paterson College, where we look forward to new technological beginnings; a new page in its history.

Furthermore, I aspire to implementing positive change throughout the College whilst fostering a sense of school spirit, innovation and unity, which will also be exemplified by the Senior Class.

Be ambitious and keep moving forward. Bring on 2014!