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Learning Enhancement Programme

Our Learning Enhancement team comprises a range of professionals with expertise to provide professional advice, student assessment, and programmes for students requiring either support or acceleration according to individual learning needs.

Our  team includes a paediatric physiotherapist, special education teachers, a literacy specialist, gifted and talented specialist, educational psychologist, and counsellor/careers advisor. They are supported by a number of trained learning assistants who also work with students.

Learning Enhancement provides various options for improving learning and focuses particularly on intervention in the Junior years:

  • Specialist advice for teachers and parents for shared approaches in class and at home
  • In-class and small group assistance for students
  • Planning for differentiated classroom activities
  • Formal assessment of individual student needs
  • Individual education plans for students assessed as requiring additional learning support
  • Access to accelerated programmes within class, in special multi-age groups, and whole or part above grade advancement
  • Referral to external specialists

Students can also gain entry to the College's Honours programme from Year 10, providing they meet criteria for selection. This enables the students to take part in additional activities not explored in the standard syllabus.